No luck downloading Adobe digital editions

maxi42, Jun 7, 3:48am
on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Keeps on saying does not meet minimum requirements. Have it already on my laptop.

wellystretch, Jun 7, 3:54am
Do they have an android OS equivalent program! My quick search revealed that they have versions built for windows and mac, not android.

maxi42, Jun 7, 8:38am
Hi,thanks, I don't know what OS is but it has Android3.0. I just want to start reading books on it.

wellystretch, Jun 7, 8:56am
Ok the following guide is written for an e-reader called alkido, you don't have to use this particular app, there are many alternative e-reader apps that will work with the books. All of these apps and alternatives are available on the google play store. Here's the guide:

From Aldiko support: (I'm sure many other file managers besides ASTRO will work too)

For importing library books into Aldiko app, please try to follow these steps:
(1) Go to your local public library??

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