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viv130, Jun 6, 5:31am
I have downloaded the Business Manager Software for small business's. Can anyone give me a contact or company that can help set it all up for me to use, eg Statements, invoices etc. I can't seem to get my headaround it. I'm in Whangarei. Ta

newbie5, Jun 6, 8:42am
did you not get any instructions or tutorials with it

wellystretch, Jun 6, 8:43am
Online tutorials, youtube!

newbie5, Jun 6, 8:46am
Would aslo help if you said what business software you had

wellystretch, Jun 6, 8:47am
OK from there site they are developers and consultants, i.e they build the software specific to your needs.

"BMS continues its 30 year development heritage by creating custom applications for clients. Applications developed are wide ranging and programed to solve almost any problem a business faces. We have the highest quality web development team, capable of transforming or creating a superb web presence. The web has become more important than ever and we have the capability to assist you in any custom development or integration into existing systems."

So where and how did you get this software, and if you are a client of theirs why aren't you contacting them! It is their job.

perry43, Jun 7, 1:46am
Thanks for that, it is called, Business Manager, a computer guy put it in for me, as he is always busy I was hoping to get a one on one tutor to help me set up.

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