Best allround Laser Printer

mrfxit, Jun 5, 8:20am
Looking at buying a new color laser printer.
Who's got what opinions on which brands & models THEY have used or currently have in use.

Compact size
Cheap cartridges with good page counts
Easy fit cartridges that DO USE all the powder
Don't mind not being used for a few months at a time
Wireless (maybe)

Cheap or cheap-ish compared to other not so good models.
What models are expensive to use & maintain with low page counts.

Looking at options at the moment but going to need something a little more up market compared to my trusty old HP laserjet 5L

pheonix, Jun 5, 9:12am
Using a second hand Canon 5050n which I have had for around 12 months. Connected to my network and had no trouble from it at all. Sits happily in the spare bedroom. Gave up on inkjets as they didn't get used that often and the nozzles blocked up.
Refilled the cartridges from a toner supplier in Aussie which is supposed to do 1300 CMY and 2300 Bk for $91 landed. That was the four toners and 4 smartchips. Also came with good instructions an the heatproof tape to cover the hole you have to make. I have been told that if they use all the toner it can damage things (guessing probably the drum), hence the need for the smartchips to count those copies.
Can't advise on others as this is the first colour one I have had and it had good reviews off the net. Funny really cause it replaced an old faithful HP 6L as well just like you. lol
(edit: wouldn't you know it , got the model wrong. right now)

mrfxit, Jun 5, 11:07am
Thanks pheonix.
YEa I got that HP 5L about 3 years ago & average something about 50 pages per week consistent & still running on the same s/h cart that it come with.
On to the 2nd printer after the m/b failed but still with the same original cartridge.
Suffers badly from the famous sheet feeder problems but just use it as a single sheet printer which is fine.
now find I am in need of a decent color printer for other jobs.

mrfxit, Jun 6, 4:02am
More comments please

d.snell, Jun 6, 4:28am
A little lexmark on special at the moment. network, full duplex with 2,500 page starter carts for $99+GST. It has 30,000 page conductor units, so buy it, use refilled hi cap (8,000bk + 5,000cl) toners and then biff it when the drums etc run out.

taxfreetrade, Jun 6, 4:32am
Anything in the brother range. They are reliable as hell and Brother have the best back up service in the country. HP are utter crap when it comes to back up service and expensive for consumables.

mrfxit, Jun 6, 8:26pm
Yep agree about the HP inkjets, this old Hp L5 has been super reliable as a single sheet feeder but it can't handle multi page docs or Pdf's (corrupts the pages /2 printers same exact model))

fingerscrossed2, Jun 6, 10:59pm
have sold this to a few clients all seem happy!z=p&p=PTRBRT3040 have been waiting for them to get these in really good and cheap to run i have one of these and a ml2580 for invoicing!z=p&p=PTRSPS2161&name=Samsung-CLX-2160N-Networking-Multifuction-Colour-L

mrfxit, Jun 7, 12:06am
Mmm first 1 looks good but getting up in price a little but to be expected.
Carts seem a little pricey but nothing to compare to at the moment.

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