Windows Live family safety

etta1, Jun 6, 12:10am
I have had windows updates come down and now I cannot get into the family safety programme through the shortcut. Message comes up on the shortcut saying "Shortcut - the parameter is incorrect". I can bring up the safety programme going through google but this takes too long. Can someone tell me how to make another shortcut for the desktop. Thanks.

king1, Jun 6, 12:27am
Try opening it through the control panel in start menu

etta1, Jun 6, 4:35am
Thanks king1 I will try that.

etta1, Jun 6, 4:37am
I tried that, get the same message there also.

king1, Jun 6, 4:52am

etta1, Jun 6, 11:51am
Hi again.
Will go and try what you have suggested tomorrow. Got to get to bed. Thanks.

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