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tonyrockyhorror, May 20, 10:50pm
Looking at moving to one with Telecom ($0 on a 24-month $80 'Smartphone' Plan: 200 minutes, 300 TXTs, 1GB - not a bad deal if you use it for worthwhile things).

I've downloaded the user manual but it doesn't answer the in-depth questions I need answered. Naturally, unless it involve Farcebook or such the people at the Telecom store are pretty useless and non-commital as to what can and can't be done. Presumably this is because most people use their phones as a gimmicky toy, not a work tool, and that is to whom they're catering.

I'm loath to get hooked in for 2 years on something that doesn't work how I want to work.

I wish to use it for several different email accounts types - GMail (IMAP), Exchange and POP.

Since there's only 1GB of 3G data, I don't wish to be wasting it downloading attachments and getting stung for $0.20/MB after the 1GB, except on demand. Can anyone confirm if they are actually able to do this with those types of accounts! If I have to purchase a different client app that's fine - recommendations welcome.

I've been looking into this as while having access to my email and internet would be handy, it's by no means necessary and if the phone doesn't meet my exacting requirements, or I can't determine whether it does, I won't be getting it. I'll just get the Nokia C5 on a cheaper text & talk plan and, as usual, emails can just wait until I get around to checking them.

Either way, I'll ditch the landline - I have no use for it. I don't have cheapskate friends who won't ring a mobile.

And, no, I don't want an iPhone. Everyone who has ever recommended them to me only ues them for very basic tasks. Plus, if I get the S2 it'll annoy the hell out of one of my mates who is an Apple fanboy. Hahaha.

acura, May 21, 5:09am
I can confirm that it will work with Gmail and POP. I don't know about exchange but at a blind bet i would go yes.
Gmail has it's own app and POP is Nativity supported.
By the way are your ditching your phone line but maintaining you internet access! Naked BB type.

You can also check to see what is available for android platform.

wellystretch, May 21, 5:38am
Yeah the telecom people are just uni students and such out working as sales jockeys, they're not technicians, they're the same as the salespeople the next shop down working at sunglass hut or whatever.

My partners work use iPhones as a staple part of their business, they have all their events, who's late into the office, memos from the boss, client contacts, emails etc constantly synced between their workstations, workmates and themselves wherever they are, i.e on location meeting clients etc. awesome system, works so well.

I would think the best client for your needs would be a K-9 account, it will link all your emails, and youcan set up limits for syncing, i.e timing, data limits etc . . .!id=com.fsck.k9

There is an app and configuration for ANYTHING, and any set up you desire, but it will mean wading through pages of apps, and trying out dozens, and then tweaking, tweaking, tweaking to get it to work how you want.

I don't have an iPhone, because I enjoy tweaking :P
But honestly it just works without the tweaking and big app search and kinda sounds like the sort of thing that might work for you

lostdude, May 21, 5:51am
If you use the gmail app, you don't have to worry about attachments, it only tells you if you have an attachment, it doesn't automatically download them unless you tell it to.

wellystretch, May 21, 5:51am
If you want to see the phone in action typetry youtube, type in the name of the app and the phone model. Gives you an indication of its usefulness . .

tonyrockyhorror, May 21, 7:22am
Yeah, I have a quick look through there but there's not a lot of in-depth info on the apps.

tonyrockyhorror, May 21, 7:23am
Ahhhh good to know. Thanks for that.

tonyrockyhorror, May 21, 7:36am
I really can't justify the extra expense on an iPhone. This isn't something I NEED. It's just a convenience really and I'm only looking because 1) CDMA is closing and 2) my phone is getting a bit shagged anyway.

I'm self-employed and most of my stuff is done by email but it's rare that anything is time-critical and if it is I get a call anyway. So it'll really just be about enhancing existing systems, not replacing. I still need computers for almost everything I do. Handy to remote desktop into my computers though.

johnf_456, May 21, 11:34am
Go for the S ii, I have one here and they are brilliant phone. The screen is a good size, bright vibrant colours, battery life is great for a smart phone.

wellystretch, May 22, 3:37am
Yup I would go for an S2, an iPhone 3GS (decent price), or one of the new HTCs. Not a fan of the windows phone 7, and I can't see it improving in the near future

cleetusnz, May 22, 9:17am
Ive got the previous model( galaxy s) and I run 4 differing email accts-exchange, imap and pop just using the native email app. works seamlessly.

Set up is painless, and as a previous poster said-play store has an app for everything.

Now.if only the battery life was better.

tonyrockyhorror, May 22, 10:04pm
To be honest, I'm actually shying away from the whole idea now. The more I think about, it the more I realise I really can't justify it. If there's one affliction I can't stand it's buyer's remorse and I feel I'd suffer it with this because my expectations are high and I find the limitations of things quickly. I hate having to use workarounds to compensate for options things should have in the first place. Quite often computer software developers try so hard to be 'innovative' they don't get the core needs right - I imagine this is the same with the developers of Android apps. I prefer function over form.

I'll go have another look today but I feel the outcome will not be in the Samsung's favour, particularly because I have a lot of work on right now and don't really have the free time available to fiddle with it.

Either way, thanks for all your input. I shall report back, particularly if it's with my disappointment in myself for getting it! LOL

pyro_sniper2002, May 22, 10:27pm
It sounds like you want the thing to do basic email.I really don't see how you're going to be disappointed.

kingpin, May 23, 12:57am
Are you sure you don't want to wait until the S3 release! Maybe they'll have an introductory price, or at least drop the S2 price. I got a great deal on the 4S ($100 up front, on that same contract, for a $1050 phone),whereas the S2 was recently going for as little as $600 (outright, bond & bond)

carlie, May 23, 1:19am
I have the Glaxy S and am looking at upgrading. I have been told by someone in the business that the S is a better phone than the SII and to wait until the SIII is out. I have in the meantime been looking at the HTC OneX and like the look of it. I have 2 phones to replace so maybe one of each is on the cards, lol.

tonyrockyhorror, Jun 5, 9:52pm
I've flagged the whole idea. Now the S3 is out it's not really worth getting the S2 and I've been hearing locally of some very early failures of the S3 - that's a hassle I really just can't be bothered with. It looks like Samsung is doing an Apple too with the blue and 32GB models not out yet. I'm not playing that B.S. game. Bite me, Samsung.

teejay2, Jun 6, 12:52am
my husband just moved from his galaxy s to the new S3 and loves it to bits.personally I prefer my S2 but he maintains that the battery life is better than his S, the processing is much faster and it is just an all around better phone.the only down side, they have not brought in any blue ones as they couldnt get the dye stabilised enough to maintain consistent colour in the casing, so hubby has been forced to have a white one.but a decent case soon took care of that. good luck with your decision

gadgetman, Nov 11, 12:26am
!What is the point of this thread when the OPsmessages are deleted

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