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Bless me Linus. for I have sinned It's been three weeks since my last confession. These are my sins.

The freedom to run the program, for any purpose;
The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs;
The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbour;
The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits;

A computer scientist, Stallman understood how programmers shaped software in ways that influenced how users of their code are able to act. Programmers might, for example, design software to spy on, work against, or create dependencies in, their users. As users??

geek_badcam, Jan 18, 6:38 am


Everyone should try running a 'truly free' distro such as gnewsense or blag exclusively for at least a month. If you happen to have a well supported chipset (Eg IBM/lenovo machines) it can be quite usable but you'll certainly notice a lot of things missing.

geek_little_egypt, Jan 18, 6:53 am

You probably would have got away with just chmod +x to make the file executable and then running

geek_jcmp21, Jan 18, 6:57 am

I've never seen you make such a contribution before.

Welcome to the Club. Try not to leave scuff marks.

geek_badcam, Jan 18, 7:09 am

That's a really good article.

Conversations around libre and gratis in the free software and open source communities overshadowed a second, and much less discussed, level of linguistic ambiguity in the term ???free software???: the term led to the four freedoms being interpreted as statements about qualities that software itself should have. Of course, Stallman doesn??

geek_badcam, Jan 18, 7:52 am

Whats a good linux mail server! I'm used to exchange, but realize linux doesn't have anything that good.

Currently using mdaemon, but i want multiple domains. Also webmail is a must.

geek_black-heart, Jan 18, 8:17 am

geek_little_egypt, Jan 18, 9:11 am

OK, I have changed to Ubuntu on a new computer. My Windows files are on a Fat32 external drive.
How do I copy My Documents from the external drive to Documents in Ubuntu!
There is a right click Copy, but no Paste option that I can see.
I dare not drag and drop. I can copy the files by opening them and saving them one at a time but that will take months!

geek_trade4us2, Feb 1, 8:07 pm

Drag and drop should work fine. Just select-all first (highlight everything or press ctrl-A) then grab any of the selected icons and all of them will be dragged.


Open the Documents folder on the fat32 drive, select all (ctrl-A works) then copy (right-click menu, or ctrl-C)

Then go to the "Documents" folder . right-click anywhere in the empty space and choose "Paste" from the menu, or just press Ctrl-V.

[ This message bought to you by Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet ]

geek_little_egypt, Feb 1, 8:17 pm

OK thanks, there is a Paste in the empty space. Why don't they have a Paste when I right-click pointing to the actual folder name!

geek_trade4us2, Feb 1, 8:30 pm

also after you highlight an item to copy, you can paste it using the middle click.

geek_zak410, Feb 1, 8:34 pm

No you can't. That only works for text.

geek_little_egypt, Feb 1, 8:40 pm

Just checked; it does. (in Debian Gnome anyhow.)

geek_little_egypt, Feb 1, 8:43 pm

OK, in Ubuntu how do I get a file tree structure like I have been used to for over 20 years using all kinds of programs!
i.e. on the left is a list of folder names in a tree structure and on the right is the contents of the selected folder.
And can I list the files one file per line with the name, size, date, type etc!

geek_trade4us2, Feb 1, 9:10 pm

Was at noel leeming the other day and they are using linux on their computers! Well some of them anyway! lol I think its Ubuntu, but not sure.

geek_nzoomed, Feb 1, 10:04 pm

Oops, thanks for the correction.

geek_zak410, Feb 1, 11:06 pm

Sweet. I wonder if it understands Kiwi. Sweeeet.

"Independent developer James McClain has developed a program which uses Google Voice API in the back-end to conduct various tasks on a GNU/Linux machine, just the way Siri does on the iDevices. The program allows a user to open sites, ask questions and perform other tasks just by voice. While initially developed for Ubuntu it is distro agnostic and can be used by other distributions as well.

The developer was running a private beta to further improve the project and has now released the source code under GNU GPL v3 licence.

Watch the video below to see what this program of capable of doing."!utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+muktware%2Ffeeds+%28Muktware+Feeds%29

geek_badcam, Mar 18, 4:57 am

Where it says 'places' on the left hand panel is a drop down menu. Click it and select 'tree' .

Also on the view menu choose 'list'

geek_little_egypt, Mar 18, 5:23 am

I cannot see the word "places" anywhere. I think I need to know where I should start.

geek_trade4us2, Mar 18, 7:20 am

And can anyone tell me why Ubuntu 12.10 crashes nearly every day! This is a brand new computer with all Ubuntu updates. I report all the errors.
There's some problem with a cache.
Windows 98SE didn't crash quite as often.

geek_trade4us2, Mar 18, 7:24 am

Do the logs suggest anything! Maybe it's a faulty RAM issue!

geek_badcam, Mar 18, 9:32 am

The main log doesn't allow me to copy it (why ever not!)
When I select "show updates" I get this:
"An unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.

Please report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:
E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/nz.archive.-
l_main_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened."

geek_trade4us2, Mar 18, 9:42 am

A quick Google of "E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists" gave me this as one of the first links:!t=863742

According to that you need to do the following in the Terminal. Are you familiar with using the terminal!

sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf
sudo apt-get update

Try that.

geek_badcam, Mar 18, 10:34 am

Why dont we make this thread the unofficial TM linux users forum.
Feel free to discuss anything Linux.

geek_nzoomed, Jun 24, 10:12 pm

Bookmarked. This is why I generally try to bump a lot of these old threads. I'll kick it off.

KDE Users:

What's your favorite Distro for running KDE on! I'm looking for stability and reasonably up to date programs.

geek_badcam, Jun 24, 11:18 pm

cant wait for my pi to arrived going to be a fun little linux toy :)

geek_velenski, Jun 25, 2:05 am

Ive always been a big Debian user, KDE has always ran on it well for me. I should really play around with Kbuntu at some stage, its supposed to be rather good.
Has anyone here built a LFS system!

geek_nzoomed, Jun 25, 2:44 am

Mint12 debian with the KDE plasma desktop.My laptop is 3 years old though but it runs super fast, super cold and super quiet.I am still learning and navigating the plasma desktop but it leaves Gnome in the dust.I am also starting to like Konquerer I can make it like FF or Opera, Safari, Chrome pretty much whatever I like.I am such a huge Linux fan but I am still learning.

geek_sonns79, Jun 25, 4:42 am

"Free Jandals, Cardigans and Tin hats here".(pokes fun at the penguins).

geek_drcspy, Jun 25, 5:08 am


geek_jcmp21, Jun 25, 5:39 am

A great thing about Linux is how fast it boots and how superfast it shuts down.

geek_jcmp21, Jun 25, 5:40 am

+1 Another thing I have noticed is that a disk check only takes a minute whereas with Windows they just go on and on and on.

geek_sonns79, Jun 25, 5:49 am

It'll never stop.

geek_badcam, Jun 25, 5:55 am

What I like about Debian is the huge admin+developer community behind it on irc, alt newsgroups and the excellently written "Installation Guide" at All the same now from fifteen years ago when you inserted a floppy into the box and started downloading the base distro. I don't use Debian now but if you want a stable distro for KDE or anything it's as good as you can get. Broken libs in current are fixed in a matter of hours.

Just a point about Gnome and KDE. The Gnome 2 Desktop tools and programs use a very mixed gtk library with different versions of the same libs. Install a new program, upgrade some gtk libs that were required for the prog which breaks other programs, downgrade libs, wait for fixes, upgrade libs. For a distro maintainer the time and effort required fixing broken progs compared to KDE which has a very stable kde library is obvious. As one distro developer said "maintaining gnome is like shooting at a moving target" and the reason why that distro changed over to KDE (no it wasn't Ubuntu). Not knocking Gnome it has great tools and programs but that is its main difference to KDE.

geek_otako, Jun 25, 11:16 am

Did you see the one for sale at 130NZD on here/

geek_sonns79, Jun 25, 4:54 pm

What distro would you all recommend for an older laptop.I am happy with mine the way it is at last lol But just wondering what would be good for kids on an older laptop/

geek_sonns79, Jun 25, 4:57 pm

yeah i saw that too, but im happy to wait for RS to bring in the first shipment at only $45, dont know how long they will take to arrive, they are going to email me when they are available.

geek_nzoomed, Jun 25, 9:05 pm

mine should be here in 9 weeks :)

geek_velenski, Jun 25, 9:49 pm

I fixed that for you ;)

geek__sms_, Jun 25, 9:51 pm

there is another one for sale too ,$130 is crazy !

geek_velenski, Jun 25, 9:52 pm

50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect

geek_zak410, Jun 26, 12:45 am

50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect

geek_zak410, Jun 26, 12:45 am

If its good enough for the American Dept of Defense then its good enough for me.That is one cool article.

geek_sonns79, Jun 26, 5:01 am

Same here I am definitely not going to pay nearly triple the price just to get one sooner, although I guarantee that even after there is a good supply they will still be sold on here at around the same price.I actually wonder if its legal with the Pi though because its not free source software the same way that the distros are.I get really peeved at traders ripping the free source software for a couple of dollars and selling it for 10 times that.

geek_sonns79, Jun 26, 5:06 am

I think they are buying them off ebay and on selling them here at an inflated price, although the cheapest ones ive seen on ebay are around $60-$80 USD

geek_nzoomed, Jun 26, 10:04 pm

A good site for Gnubes.

geek_badcam, Jun 27, 12:48 am

A good site for Gnubes.

geek_badcam, Jun 27, 12:48 am

Thanks badcam.
I will check that out

geek_sonns79, Jun 27, 1:59 am


Always remember that Select and Middle Click are your best buddies. They're your Linux Bro's. They go with you everywhere.

geek_badcam, Jun 27, 8:40 am

Running Linux Mint on my wifes computer (she is not very computer savy and loves Mint) and Mint on a desktop - Running Gentoo on an old server and Android on my phone.

geek_elv, Jun 27, 11:50 am