ali117, Jul 12, 12:17am
the message that shows up. wen turning my computer on an cant get into login or anythng is :: FOR REALTEK ;
PXE-MOF;EXITING PXE ROM;OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND. so there it is . if i press anythng message jst shows again . an afta a while computer jst turns off. SO please help me wif ths. so i can get back up an running.would really apreciate the help thanks.NOTE: i have just bort a new hardrive an same problem is happing!

velenski, Jul 12, 12:26am
maybe its the spell check.

velenski, Jul 12, 12:30am
hdd ,this is a typical message when it cannot boot from the HDD and switches to the LAN.You can check the BIOS if the HDD is listed there ,if not then :(

ali117, Jul 12, 12:31am
wats that! sorri i realy no nothing about my laptop.or computers . i jst bort a new hardrive thinking tht was the problem . cause most replys i got had to do with hardrive.

ali117, Jul 12, 12:33am
it is reading my new hardrive. az my old one it wasnt. bt still same problem . i dnt realyy no what to do in the bios settings

velenski, Jul 12, 12:33am
best thing is to take it to a tech to get looked at .

ali117, Jul 12, 12:34am
yeah. but i realy wana save me the money , if its a problem i can fix my self.

chnman, Jul 12, 12:40am

chnman, Jul 12, 12:46am

chnman, Jul 12, 12:50am

shaneo2, Jul 12, 2:13am
The computer is searching for something to boot off and it can't find an operating system to boot off (Windows xp,vista 7 or linux). If you've replaced the hard drive with a new one you need to install an operating system on the replacement hard drive.

ali117, Jul 12, 3:44am
i honestly feel like i wld give sme11 20 buks to figure ths shit out for me . mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

shaneo2, Jul 12, 9:05pm
Does this make sense to you!

If you have bought a brand new Hard drive but havent installed anything on it (Windows XP,Vista or something) then you need to get something installed on it,the drive is effectively blank so the computer just goes round and round looking.

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