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gummybear73, Jul 11, 6:47am
HI im in the market for a new printer and im hoping i can get some good advice from you guys. I need it for printing (obviously) documents mainly as i hardly ever print photos, it also needs to be able to scan/copy and if it could fax it would be a bonus but not essential. Wireless printing would be another nice to have too.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

gummybear73, Jul 11, 6:49am
Oh and reasonably priced replacement cartridges is kind of important too

newbie5, Jul 11, 10:13am
Have a look at some stores they always have specials running around the 50-60 dollar mark

sparkyz, Jul 11, 10:20am
Look at the cheap multifunction printers, find out what cartridges they take, and then price the full set.
Wireless might increase the price and limit your choices.

elv, Jul 11, 10:50am
Get a laser printer. They are more expensive to buy but cheaper to run. Check out the per page cost.

coolcort, Jul 11, 12:25pm
I have always had Canons and have done some amazing amounts of printing with them the older ones with individual colour ink tanks were good and cheap to run colours in in multi colour tanks run out sooner but still work okand have scanner ect ink cost is important and refils help to keep this lower

hakatere1, Jul 11, 5:20pm
For replacement carts, inkvenus dot co dot nz or something similar. They sell original as well as generic.

nzmu, Jul 11, 6:15pm
My suggestion - I know someone who has just bought this one and has the $30 cash back from it already.

Comes with full ink carts, has fax/scanner, ocd software, has top feeder, ink cartridges go in the front easily, 2 cartridge size options that are reasonable and he is happy with the quality, oh and for a non-technical person, he had the wireless set up in minutes.

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