2º vs Telecom 3G data speeds

Anyone got a real world comparison between the two!

geek_tonyrockyhorror, Jul 6, 1:11 pm

I would suspect that as with any wireless technology that speed would depend on your location / environment. (eg, I get poor speed at work as the building is triple bricked. Move to window & just outside the door & its pretty good.)

geek_mush13, Jul 6, 2:10 pm

Telecom XT by far when it comes to data. General user can tell the difference in performance

geek_nr.h, Jul 6, 6:05 pm

totally depends on location. Theres no X is better than Y honest answer.

geek_black-heart, Jul 6, 10:37 pm

Telecom XT is generally much faster and available in more locations. 2 degrees is cheaper if you are in one of the main centres.

geek_elv, Jul 7, 12:08 am

Yeah, I figured XT would be faster too. 2º seems to be the provider for the budget conscious who don't really NEED it to be fast or have good coverage.

geek_tonyrockyhorror, Jul 8, 4:46 pm

Don't forget the upload speed. There are quite a lot of devices out there which are still only capable of 384kbps upload. Considering that your page request could still be sent at 2005 upload speeds kinda defeats the point of whether your network downloads at 3Mbps or 7Mbps.

Remember to look for 2Mbps upload or 5.76Mbps upload capable devices is speed is important to you.

geek_carkitter, Jul 8, 4:55 pm

Tony probably works for telecom and is just trying to slag off the only company in NZ that made telco prices REAL!

geek_mcfc11, Jul 8, 5:00 pm

2Degrees isnt slow, and most of the network is on Vodafone, so you're saying Vodafone is for the budget conscious! I don't think so.2Degrees have just put up their own towers in our area and it's speed is wicked, and they're offering 1100mb / 220mins / 2500txts month for $39, Telecom are looking really bad right now.

geek_danmansonman, Jul 8, 7:02 pm

Skinny data with a data add on gives you 720MB per week for $12, great deal if you get good XT coverage.

geek_shinedog, Jul 9, 8:53 am

Yeah, right.

geek_tonyrockyhorror, Jul 10, 1:14 am

So why isn't everyone with 2º!

geek_tonyrockyhorror, Jul 10, 1:15 am

Maybe because some have less than 2º minds to think with ;-)

geek_smoothjazz, Jul 10, 3:14 am

Same reason some drive Porsches while others drive Kias!

geek_carkitter, Jul 10, 8:35 am

Few people drive Porsches because of cost of purchase and ongoing costs while many more opt for Kias because they're cheap to buy and run. So if 2º is cheaper and better that analogy goes completely against the fact 2º has such a small market share.

geek_tonyrockyhorror, Jul 10, 10:59 am

.Yes agree with you they are by far the best for anyone with a smartphone

geek_gordy8252, Jul 11, 8:37 am

I'll stick to Telecom, i've been on XT since launch day. I've had 0 down time, i'm yet to find somewhere where I don't get coverage, 3G speeds are extremely fast (i've hit 14mbit before). Might be a little more expensive than some, but you get what you pay for.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 11, 12:46 pm

I have always been a Telecom critic.But this is a no brainer. Telecom by far.2 Degrees is patchy at best, and outside the main centres, it piggybacks on Vodafone 3G, which is slower than XT.

geek_mone, Jul 11, 1:47 pm

Here's an in-depth XT vs Vodafone 3G review:

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 11, 2:28 pm