Please recommend me a multifunction printer/scanne

69steel, Jul 6, 12:38am
I am after a printer with scanner which can scan books onto it. I will be mainly using it for the odd printing,not for photos. Obviously I don't want to pay heaps for ink or toner etc. What have you got that you like! Anything to consider! thanks heaps

cantab1971, Jul 6, 1:11am
my 2 cents.stay well away from brother.bloody awful, the ones i've used.I have an HP thats pretty good.its a 6500 wireless inkjet.obviously laser would be more economical in the long run, but if you're scanning more than printing this would be fine. get wireless - then your scanned docs will just pop up onto your pc desktop and the printer doesn't need to be near the pc (once you've set it all up right)

macknife, Jul 6, 2:48am
Kia Ora
I have used a Canon Pixma 250 for a couple of years Cost under $50 used about same as you describe, but printed out photos too. No problems and not 1 paper jjam, as paper goes st through. Light to carry as I don't keep it connected.

69steel, Jul 6, 7:18am
Do you have to replace all the ink cartridges or one at a time!

macknife, Jul 9, 10:41pm
The Canon has 2 ink cartridges, colour & B&W. about $40 each.
I would say ink may be a bit expensive.

eurika, Jul 9, 11:29pm
Different strokes for different folks, only you can decide whats best for you and your needs

lostdude, Jul 10, 3:35am

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