Sat dish or broardband stick & arial

Help please. I have just moved to an area with only dail-up. What are my options to obtain broardband. Thanks in advance.

geek_summit69, Jul 8, 5:04 pm

geek_king1, Jul 8, 6:18 pm

Depends on how vital to you and how much traffic you need.

I tried the rural satellite service and tossed it after a few weeks as it was affected by weather way more than it should be. Instead went with Vodafone MiFi and a 3gb plan. Works much more reliably, connects all the devices in the house and even better i can take it with me if travelling.

geek_crosis_nz, Jul 8, 6:39 pm

Anything satellite is extremely weather dependent.Mobile broadband is more reliable if you have coverage, but per megabyte more expensive.

geek_mone, Jul 8, 6:45 pm

Have been on sat internet for almost two years with Farmside and prior to that, a couple with an Oz company who's name I can't remember. Not once did I have rain fade, nor with sat sky. I think it's a myth created to cover for bad connections/installations. The only time we had a "atmospheric" notice on sky, say channel 4, when channel 5 was ok, means to me that there's no trouble with "rain fade". Phoned sky and told them to check it please. They said there would be an $80 charge if it wasn't their fault. I said they can have sky back if they charge me after at least 10 years. The guy came and replaced LNB and realigned dish andno trouble since.

geek_hakatere1, Jul 8, 7:18 pm

Do you have mobile phone coverage in your area. If you do then a T stick may be a viable option. Go on a plan rather than prepay. Cheaper in the long run. I had to do this for a year with Telecom before they upgraded the network in my area. Obviously not as good a wired broadband but a whole lot better than dial up.
I have heard that satellite is quite expensive.

geek_venta, Jul 8, 8:47 pm

Don't touch farmside its a ripoff go with broardband stick & aerial

geek_andrewcg53, Jul 8, 9:35 pm

larger dish than standard offsets rain fade
sat internet has lag so not suitable for online gaming

geek_slarty45, Jul 8, 10:31 pm

Unless you can state exactly where you live nobody can advise on cellular coverage.

geek_spyware, Jul 9, 7:23 am

search "rural broadband" on trademe listings

geek_rcomms, Jul 9, 2:55 pm