Samsung galaxy s3, best antivirus to use with it.

In the past we all know how bad nortons has been. But would the mobile light version be worth using!
Doesn't samsung have their own version of antivirus software for there phones! I just did a quick google but cant seem to find any.
Thought I might chuck nortons on but thought it might be wise to ask here first. thoughts please!

geek_friendly_prawn, Jul 8, 8:01 am

geek_l_and_p, Jul 8, 8:07 am

Don't bother - the packages for Android are of very questionable usefulness.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 8, 8:27 am

Your common sense.

geek_badcam, Jul 8, 8:31 am

personally I think nod32 sux but im a huge fan of avg, so yeah thats a possibility.
Anyone else got any sensible comments please!

geek_friendly_prawn, Jul 8, 8:42 am Read the part "Anti-virus".

I have no experience with this, so cannot say what to install. Some advice says not to use, and others say to use. The following is an interesting read, re testing of software from

Best to download the AV Test (pdf) as it is detailed better and easier to understand all those colours on the results. Direct link below:

geek_chnman, Jul 8, 8:46 am

Hi chnman. cool post. . I'll go through it and have a good read. much appreciated. thank you.

geek_friendly_prawn, Jul 8, 8:48 am

Check this out.

It tops the list on the second link above

geek_mark.52, Jul 8, 9:25 am

I've used android for about two years without anti virus. No problems. I've downloaded an A/V app and done a scan once or twice and never found anything.Common sense > anti virus.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 8, 9:31 am

Good to see avast at the top, and free.

geek_chnman, Jul 8, 10:53 am

One more vote for avast. specially with a rooted kernel - you can use the firewall!. and block adds from all those free software :)

geek_acura, Jul 8, 7:32 pm