Trying to Install Adobe Flash Player.

I'm trying to install the Adobe flash player, but it comes up with a message "please close Internet Explorer to continue", I don't have Internet Explorer open, please help.what am I doing wrong!

geek_jimbillyjimbob, Jul 7, 5:58 pm

Theres probably an instance of it still open in the background

Make sure internet explorer is closed

open task manager (ctrl alt delete) - click on processes tab - click column header to sort - have a look for iexplore.exe .

End process of any found

geek_king1, Jul 7, 6:49 pm

the wonderful world of windows.

geek_-mung-, Jul 7, 7:55 pm

Assuming you are using Internet Explorer 9 (if you are using Win XP it will be v 8 or less), check that the flash player is enabled within IE. If you are using a lower version of IE, these instructions may differ.

In IE, top right under the close button (red with white X) you should see Tools. Or just use Alt+X to show. Then click "manage add-ons"

Where it says "Show", change "currently loaded add-ons" to "all add-ons", then look for "Shockwave Flash Object" and highlight with mouse. If status is disabled, make sure you click "enable", then "close".

Now see if you can install.

geek_chnman, Jul 7, 8:35 pm

Thanks so much king1 and chnman, your suggestions certainly worked and it have installed it!Thanks again :-)

geek_jimbillyjimbob, Jul 7, 10:11 pm

I have downloaded it sucessfully, my daughter is trying to sign on to Moshi Monsters, but this message still comes up:HELP:

Your browser does not support Flash or JavaScript which are required to run this site.
Please either turn on JavaScript if it's turned off or visit to install Flash.

geek_jimbillyjimbob, Jul 8, 10:09 am

When trying to sign on to Moshi Monsters site, are you using Internet Explorer to do this, or another browser like Firefox! If using Firefox you need to go to adobe website and install flash. Flash for Internet Explorer is only for Internet Explorer.

geek_chnman, Jul 8, 11:12 am

If still not working, try putting the website into Internet Explorer's trusted sites list.

So, using IE, go to and then go into Internet Options. Easiest way is to use Alt+X keys [hold down Alt key, then press X] to show Tools Menu, then click "Internet Options".

Then at top of box click 'Security'.Then where it says "select a zone.", click on 'trusted sites' (the green tick), then on 'Sites'. Now it should have the moshimonsters site already entered in the box (if you are on the site now). Remove the tick at bottom where it says "Require server verification.", then click 'Add', then 'Close'.

Now close Internet Explorer and start again and go back to moshimonsters site and see if that will now work.

geek_chnman, Jul 8, 11:26 am

Thanks again chnman, I have done the above and still not working!
I can get into their logon page, I log on and then that message comes up.My daughter said it used to work on this computer but now it doesn't, is there any thing else we can try!Thanks for you help chnman :-)

geek_jimbillyjimbob, Jul 8, 12:04 pm

Go back to Tools (as I mentioned in post #8), select 'Internet Options' and under 'Browsing History' click 'Delete', then click the next 'Delete' option. If you don't have saved passwords, you can do what I would do.tick all items, but untick the very top one ('preserve.'), then click 'Delete'.

See if it works now.

If not, go back to Internet Options, then along the top click on 'Privacy'. then under pop-up blocker, untick it, then click 'Apply', then 'OK'.

Close IE, start it again and try the website again. [If this hasn't helped, you should go back and tick the pop-up blocker, then Apply/OK].

If still not working, go back to Internet Options, but this time click on 'Advanced' along the top, then "restore advanced settings", then Apply and OK. Try website again (close IE and restart it).

Still no luck!.go back to same Advanced setting, and now click 'Reset' under where it says 'reset Internet Explorer settings', then 'reset' on next box. Best to leave the box unticked for 'delete personal settings', otherwise you'll need to change home page back.

Other things I would be checking after all the above I won't go into step by step detail here, but if you need further guidance just post back what you tried etc. I will check back this evening as I will be away from about 3pm.

Not sure what version of Windows you have (XP, Vista, 7) or which version of IE (see my post #4). These instructions are assuming Win 7 so they may differ slightly for Vista and more so for XP.In the control panel where you check programs that are installed, see if it has 'Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX', and if so, scroll across to see version installed. Latest version for IE is 11.3.300.257. If yours is lower version number, highlight item then click 'uninstall'. Go out of control panel and go to adobe and try again to install flash from following site:

If nothing has worked so far, and nobody else has given advice to fix, you could install Mozilla Firefox browser and see if it works. Once installed though, you need to use Firefox to go to the adobe site again and install flash.

Another possibility is that the period between when the site was working and now, you might have installed some 'security' type software that might be blocking pop-ups! If you have that could be a clue. Check out the program's settings/preferences/options etc.

I'll check back this evening to see how you got on.

Good Luck!

geek_chnman, Jul 8, 1:59 pm

Thanks very much chnman, we have fixed the problem and now my daughter is rapt she can get into moshi monsters.Thanks so much for your help and guidance, have a great day! ;-)

geek_jimbillyjimbob, Jul 8, 2:55 pm

Good one. What "fixed" it!

geek_chnman, Jul 8, 3:02 pm

I don't know what fixed it, I did all of what you told me to do in #10, and wahoo it works.thanks again you certainly made my daughters day!

geek_jimbillyjimbob, Jul 8, 10:13 pm

Glad its all sorted.gotta keep the monsters happy!

geek_chnman, Jul 8, 11:18 pm