Which opera mini browser 4 blackberry torch 9860?

dreamsandhope, Jul 6, 7:06am
i need to download opera mini browser for my blackberry torch.
which one - mini 7 or mini 4.4!
and what will the firmware be in eacdh case!

thanks so much for helping!

vtecintegra, Jul 6, 7:12am
Try the newer one first, if that seems slow then try the older one.

Firmware refers to the software running on your phone - you'll have to check that for yourself.

dreamsandhope, Jul 6, 7:18am
i see thanks. there are other mini browers i just realised, such as http://mustikamax.com/tag/install-opera-blackberry-torch-98609850-browser-program/, is any one better than the other!

vtecintegra, Jul 6, 7:19am
Download it from the first site (that's the official one)

Don't expect miracles on that phone though, its way behind the times

dreamsandhope, Jul 8, 5:20am
Hi, I am still stucked, hope you get this and I can ask you to talk me through if you don't mind.

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