Registry Cleaners

laofa, Jul 4, 8:45am
Just wondering if this sort of PC health software does any good
like CCleaner , Reg Mech, and the likes, or is it just a bit of a scam!

r.g.nixon, Jul 4, 8:46am
They do some good, but not usually required. Of course there are some malware and ransomware utilities out there - do your homework first.

king1, Jul 4, 8:48am
Registry Cleaners do more harm than good IMO

chnman, Jul 4, 9:04am
Some users will recommend a registry cleaner program, and say it has never caused them any problems.well, what if it has but they aren't aware of it. Also, when you run one the first time (even on a new Windows installation), it can find hundreds of "invalid entries". How do you know they are all invalid, unless you know what you are doing! Here's a simple invalid item - you have a file in your documents folder for example, create a shortcut to it on your desktop. Then delete the file but leave the shortcut. A registry cleaner will likely remove the shortcut (which is all good this time), but what if the file is on an external hard drive and it isn't connected when you run the cleaner! The registry cleaner might delete the shortcut. This is a simple one of course, it gets much more complicated.

Anyway, I don't recommend using them. Even the ones within a cleanup type of software like CCleaner, and some internet security suites like Norton 360, Kaspersky Pure, etc I would not use.

Here's some good reading material below. Note what it says under "Registry Damage".

vtecintegra, Jul 4, 9:08am
Shortcuts have nothing to do with the registry.

r.g.nixon, Jul 4, 9:15am
Yes and no. The registry does keep pointers (paths) to recent files opened by many programs. OK, they aren't shortcuts, but can be cleaned out safely.

carkitter, Jul 4, 9:59am
I've had no issues using Ccleaner; it is simple to use, fast, has lots of useful settings and tools and just 'does what it says on the tin'. Highly recommended.

chnman, Jul 4, 10:17am
Here's something from Piriform (CCleaner) in their forum that they put in for users to read.very interesting reading!!showtopic=25513

Here's something I am quoting from above which I found interesting, which they say.

I don't know what the registry is, should I still use this tool!

Probably not. The windows registry is essentially the central database used to store the settings for users, programs, and the system. Its not something that can be tampered with without at least some knowledge of what you're doing. This isn't to say the registry cleaner will definitely break your computer, and in most cases it is safe to remove the majority of keys CCleaner detects, however if you really have no clue what you're doing, and/or how to undo what you've done, I really wouldn't recommend you use this feature.

chnman, Jul 4, 10:20am
But from memory (correct me if I'm wrong), the registry cleaning isn't run along with the other have to actually select it.

nzoomed, Jul 4, 10:21am
Ccleaner is the only one i trust, ive never seen any that speed up a computer and any claims that cleaning your registry will speed up your computer or fix any problems is misleading.
Of the hundreds of computers ive ran a registry clean on with Ccleaner, not one system can i say has had a damaged registry as a result.

princelee, Jul 4, 10:22am
always found easycleaner by toni arts to be the best.

chnman, Jul 4, 10:35am
If OP decides to use the registry cleaner within CCleaner, good advice is to read post #22 on the forum post I did earlier.!showtopic=25513&st=21

black-heart, Jul 4, 8:24pm
use ccleaner mostly for its temp file clean up, seeing 2-3Gb of space being freed up is always good. ccleaner offers a reg backup before any changes, if you don't do that, you are an idiot.

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