Intel have done the impossible.

nzoomed, Jul 3, 10:22am

lucky.gadgets, Jul 3, 12:23pm

-mung-, Jul 3, 1:05pm
Commissioned a cool tech/art installation then stuck their atom badges all over it to convey some sort of relationship between the two.

dylandylandylan, Jul 3, 8:50pm
Thats pretty cool!

nzoomed, Jul 3, 9:12pm
well, i remember that wikipedia once claimed that such a device would be impossible, but yeah, i guess its a good marketing stunt for intel i guess.

little_egypt, Jul 3, 11:07pm
I still think the 'trons are way cooler. Nothing but an old 386 and a bunch of mechano and photocopier machine parts .

nzoomed, Jul 4, 5:16am
this is pretty cool too.

-mung-, Jul 4, 6:19am

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