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yendor, Jul 2, 2:58am
Can a company that is hosting a website also insist that they have the Domain name or can you transfer it to any other hosting/domain company!

king1, Jul 2, 3:06am
there is no technical reason for it, however they are entitled to have whatever policies they like within the law, and if one of them is that they have domain name and hosting so be it.All you can do is vote with your feet, so to speak.

-bookzone-, Jul 2, 3:10am
If you have the domain name's UDAI you can transfer it anywhere you like. The domain name belongs to you if it's registered in your name, but make sure you get the UDAI if you don't have it and want to transfer the domain name.

Whoever controls your domain name right now will be able to tell you its UDAI.

fepixie, Jul 2, 4:21am
A hosting company can NOT insist that they own or control your domain name - your dname should be registered under YOUR name - AFAIK it is illegal to trade under a name thats not registered to you.

yendor, Jul 2, 11:26pm
I do have the UDAI. We were charged $75.00+ gst for domain name renewal, other companies only charge around $20.00, this is the reason I am looking at changing.

ramsu, Jul 2, 11:32pm
Wow $75! Daylight robbery.
That is the problem with providers who try and say 'all' your online services must be with them, and then they charge through the roof.

Now that you have the UDAI, you are free to move your domain anywhere, and can still point the domain at any server (for hosting).

What are you paying for hosting!

mattnzw, Jul 3, 1:13am
It would depend on the contract. I know web design companies that insist that you host your website on their servers, or they charge you a huge fee.NZ domain prices range in price from about $20, but it depends on what you want. Some of the cheap ones charge for phone support, and may not have features that the more expensive ones have. SOme fo the more expensive ones may provide other services such as email accounts and have full time support, so it is a case of comparing apples with apples. A cheap supplier will usually be a self service system, and their support may not be up to teh level of more expensive providers. For example I had a domain with a cheap provider, and I emailed them on Friday, and still didn't have a reply by mid afternoon on monday, so I moved it to another provider. I pay more, but I get support within a few hours and during the weekend. NZ domains can be registered by anyone, and they can be transferred instantly with your UDAI.

yendor, Jul 3, 1:42am
We pay 120.75 per quarter for hosting. It is website built for us, using the developers own CMS for us to manage it. We are not happy with it, have no control over certain areas, no support or training but we are a club & people come & go on the committee. Those who okayed it are no longer involved so we are considering our options. It cost around 4k and if we change hosting we loose it. I have purchased my own Domain & hosting and have made a website using Plesk website builder that can do everything our existing one can. If I don't get answers about 1 outstanding question then I think we will change.

ramsu, Jul 3, 1:48am
Hi yendor, $120.75 per quarter seems excessive, but that depends on how much resources the site needs.

When you say "If we change hosting we loose it", is the website under contract and "has" to be hosted with your current provider!

Almost all websites can be moved easily.
Do you have access to backups of the website files and database (if there is one)!
If so, then barring any technical issues, you could easily upload the site/database to a new provider.
I can help with this if required, and I'm sure others can as well.

mattnzw, Jul 3, 3:24am
Not all, some web design companies forbid it to be used on other servers under the license agreement. They may allow it, but they may charge a big fee for releasing it. One reason some web designers may do this, isbecause they may have charged a cheaper price for the web design, and the hosting fee covers the rest of the cost over time. That is how some web designers can charge a small amount for the web design, they then expect to get a good passive income over time. Also that fee could be for updating the CMS softwares backend, which a standalone host won't do, which is why a standalone host can do things cheaper as they are not supporting the clients website software. They only cover the servers own software.

ramsu, Jul 3, 3:39am
That is why I asked about the website being "under contract", as the contract, terms, or fine print, may suggest the site be hosted with the developer (exactly as you stated).

yendor, just check your hosting provider terms and/or contract, should tell you what you need to know.

yendor, Jul 3, 4:14am
Thanks for the help people, I don't have a copy of the term/contract, or if we have one, some previous committee member has lost it or still has it. So far I have 3 unanswered emails & am awaiting a reply ph call from the web design/hosting company from aprox 3 weeks ago. I doubt I will ever hear from them. I have slowly been making copys/backups of the content on the site & can replicate it easily with the hosting/domain I have purchased myself, the only thing stopping me from swapping over completly is a automated results system/database setup that takes a .csv file of event timings we produce on a laptop and upload to the site, but no one knows how to work it and this is what I am waiting on an answer from them on.

mattnzw, Jul 3, 5:50am
I would be a little bit wary of using a hosts online site builder, as often they don't provide any support for it, due to it being third party. I have seen people use them, they have needed support, and the host has told them they need to go to the software developers website for that support. However one good online website builder I have used is RV site builder, which also allows you to transfer the site between hosts. Some of the others don't allow you to do that, and you may get stuck in the same position should you want to change hosts in the future. Either that or use an open source CMS, which you can move around.

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