Where to buy ps/2 to usb adapter chch? not on TM

justnewbie, Jul 1, 11:30pm
i brought a computer only to find out it only takes usb keyboard and not what my normal keyboard takes. urgently looking for a adapter and cant be bothered waiting for one off trade me. any suggestions on where i could get an adaptor! or even if you could suggest some computer hardware stores would be cool.

boybad, Jul 2, 12:48am
You can get these from dicksmith very cheap, or just get a new usb keyboard and mouse.

gibler, Jul 2, 1:08am

boybad, Jul 2, 1:32am
Yeas you have failed at comprehension.
Please do explain.

justnewbie, Jul 2, 1:42am
uhh yea this post is useless now, im going to start another one, because the computer i want this for is now not working , even though i just got it this morning. more info in another post soon.

boybad, Jul 2, 8:22pm
gibler you should change your name to dribler, you quote with one sentence nonsense on various threads. You failed like your dads condom.

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