***Acer Iconia A500 Tab***

standard, Jun 29, 9:26am
Can anyone tell me if we can use a T stick for mobile broadband with this model or is it only wifi!

moshimonster1, Jun 29, 9:39am
Yes! :-)it's a usbstick

linmc, Jun 29, 9:40am
Look in these forums - you might be able to but it sounds like a hassle to me, lol.


nzmu, Jun 29, 9:59am
I tether mine to my phone - are you able to do that! Much simpler.

standard, Jun 29, 9:33pm
Not sure about that, will check

standard, Jul 1, 9:27pm
I have been told to down load the software from the T stick, would that be right!

standard, Jul 1, 11:56pm
Also told that a micro chip might connect it to 3G !
Any help appreciated

drcspy, Jul 2, 12:05am
what do you mean 'a micro chip' and who told you this !why not ring acer and ask them eh :


standard, Jul 2, 12:22am
Sorry I meant a micro chipSDor !
Thanks for the phone number

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