Setting up a satellite dish, help plz!

melrichy, Jul 1, 8:04am
We recently bought a dish and decoder for our caravan. We plugged in the decoder and it worked that was the easy part we then went to attach the dish and 3hrs later decided to pack it in and try nxt weekend. So we have a finder but while it was beeping wld not move off 0 even when using the knob. When we had the screaming sound which we thought meant we had found the satellite we had nothing on the tv. So anyone in the know and can tell us what we are doing wrong plz! Thx.

drcspy, Jul 1, 8:14am
satellite reception is finicky it has to be aligned VERY accurately (1 deg off and you'll get significant reduction in signal).good luck with it

melrichy, Jul 1, 8:15am
Thx, think might just get someone in the know to sort it wasted 3hrs today that I will never get back!

little_egypt, Jul 1, 8:22am
First up, you need to make sure the satellite decoder is set to use the right voltage, LO frequency etc for your LNB.

Then make sure the LNB is at the right polarisation.

Then point the dish as accurately as you can by eye and slowly scan back and forth until you get signal.

But NOTHING is going to happen if the satellite box isn't set up to drive the LNB correctly first.

little_egypt, Jul 1, 8:23am
Oh, and then once you have signal (and you think it's the right satellite) you possibly need to go back to the satellite box and make it scan through the feed to pick up all the channel information.

rawill, Jul 1, 8:27am
If this is all new for you, you might need to get someone to show you how first. Catch up with some people at a NZ Motor Caravan Association rally.

As little egypt said there are a few things to get right with the decoder, then you need to set up the dish. About 319 magnetic down here, but there are 3 satelites close together, it is easy to get the wrong one.

If your screecher is screaming on 0 something is very wrong.

volkier, Jul 1, 8:30am
Not sure what you are talking about. I just tend to move it very slowly around until I 'catch' the signal, through trial and error.

rawill, Jul 1, 8:32am
I googled "Setting up satelite dish" and found some links including this one.

But volkier, you are not new to this, I suspect you have done this often and know what your are doing.

melrichy, Jul 1, 8:37am
Yeah I think the sat finder is not working.I will need to find the book for the decoder as I presumed if it worked at home on the sky decoder it shld work on the sat dish we bought obviously a wrong assumption.Thx for ur help everyone I think I will hire an expert!

melrichy, Jul 1, 8:40am
Is this different for each freeview box! How wld we do this!

little_egypt, Jul 1, 8:49am
Well my experience is limited to one setup, but what I did was look at the numbers printed on the LNB and pick whatever option in the decoder looked about right. Aimed the dish about where the neighbour's was pointed, swept around until the satellite finder showed the best signal and managed to fluke the right one of three satellites on the first try. Then I did an 'auto' scan for the channels which is basically identical to the one in terrestrial.

Then my mate pointed out that the box came with a manual, but I was already watching the fishing at that point.

melrichy, Jul 1, 8:59am
LOL who needs a manual when u can fluke it huh!Well I see the process is a bit more complicated that attaching the dish to the side of the caravan and plugging it in to the box and box to tv and away we go.Guess I need to get the tv man in, I think someone needs to wrie and isiots guide to.

gammelvind, Jul 1, 9:09am
Pissst they have, it's called the manual. Lol

melrichy, Jul 1, 9:28am
Touche, perhaps the Idiots Idiot guide then!

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