Torrent download?

Is it safe to use! Want to download a Suzuki service manual, but recall there's been advice re this on here. Have looked through the search <<<,
also googled but too much info. Just an OK or not would be appreciated.
Win XP, WSE, Maleware, CC
Many thanks.

geek_mlh19658, Jul 1, 6:56 pm

its fine. just another way of downloading all file types.the risk depends on the file your downloading itself. the torrent and torrent downloader is just the "railway tracks".whats in the actual railway wagon you choose to download is another story :)

use "utorrent" - its small, simple and it works

geek_cantab1971, Jul 1, 7:24 pm

Great and thank you.

geek_mlh19658, Jul 1, 7:27 pm