Is a 2nd hand iphone 3gs ok for $250

souljah_69, Jul 4, 7:50am
im a doing the right thing!

dice4, Jul 4, 8:40am
Look on the telecom website, they sell iphones new so you will get an idea. Im pretty sure they r close to that price new!

souljah_69, Jul 4, 8:51am
just had a look $589 new on telcom prepaid

massived, Jul 4, 8:53am
How many GB and how old! If condition is good then yes thats an okay price to get one for.

souljah_69, Jul 4, 8:57am
16gb not sure how old looks ok

vtecintegra, Jul 4, 9:02am
16GB means its quite old, mid 2010 at the latest

souljah_69, Jul 4, 9:08am
so u would pass on the deal then!

vtecintegra, Jul 4, 9:09am
I wouldn't buy a pre-4 iPhone full stop - they're just too outdated, poor screen, poor camera etc

Phones have come a long way since then

souljah_69, Jul 4, 9:11am
ok thanks for your help, i want iphone but dont want to pay more than 3-400 any ideas!

massived, Jul 4, 9:35am
Its a good price provided it's in good condition. Have a look on expired auctions on here how much 16GB 3GS sell for. That will give you a good idea of what the current market price is for a second hand iPhone. You will be hard pressed to find an iPhone 4 that works fine and is unlocked for less than $400. Most sell well above that.

souljah_69, Jul 4, 9:38am
sorry im not up with the play, locked, how do they become locked! sorry

lugee, Jul 4, 10:11am
iPhone and $3-400 don't fit in the same sentence. Double your budget or get Android.

n1smo_gtir, Jul 4, 10:22am
been the age and the battery is not easily replaceable, you prob b3e lucky to get a decent life. off a good trust worthy mate, just maybe.

justnewbie, Jul 4, 10:45am
at the very least you could find a iphone 4 for about 400 if you looked hard enough

black-heart, Jul 4, 8:57pm
I wouldn't buy any phone that old, for more than $100.

massived, Jul 4, 10:12pm
No worries you won't ever find one for that price! They still sell for $350 - 450

black-heart, Jul 5, 12:22am
I wouldn't be looking, idiot market space.

ang_ck, Jul 5, 4:01am
Wait till September where Iphone 5 is out then, the price will drop even further.

souljah_69, Jul 5, 9:12am
oh ok september yea il wait and tic it up lol

showmethemanoey, Jul 7, 8:29am
Not advertising on purpose but your looking for a $400ish iphone and ive got 2you may already have them on your watchlist tho ones gold ones silver pretty good condition

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