Changing network on an iphone 3g

snj11, Jul 3, 4:38am
My friend has purchased an iphone 3g but the network setting are to 2degrees and she is with Telecom XT. She can't check her voicemail or go on the net.

Any ideas on how to change it!

ramsu, Jul 3, 4:42am
Try resetting the network settings:
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

navestrebor, Jul 3, 5:07am

shaneo2, Jul 5, 1:04am
Why bump when you haven't responded to the 2 previous answers!

malachiman, Jul 5, 5:21am
What do you expect when they never thought of resetting the whole phone before using it.

snj11, Jul 5, 11:11pm
Wow. Rude. .

The first two answers didn't work.

ramsu, Jul 5, 11:29pm
Have you factory reset the entire phone!
What happened when you manually input the network settings!

massived, Jul 6, 2:40am

shaneo2, Jul 6, 3:38am
Rude is not telling us they didn't work so we can offer next step

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