TP-LINK ADSL equipment - hard to find in NZ :/, Jun 29, 6:38am
I've been looking for the TD-W8961ND for a little while, and have inquired at various PC Shops but I just can't find anywhere that stocks it! Due to the popularity of the W8960N, I would've though the successor to it would be just as popular. I was thinking about turning to sourcing it overseas but with firmware, I'm not sure. Any ideas or alternatives! Cheers

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king1, Jun 29, 7:05am
These two seem to have similar models, might be worth an email to see if they can get the one your looking for.!main_page=index&cPath=142_143!c=Hardware&s=Networking&ss=ADSL+Router

flick13, Jun 29, 7:12am
First - what makes you say the W8961ND is the successor!
It is not.

In fact they are identical in pretty much every way - except the TD-w8960n supports up to 10 IPSec VPN secure tunneling, but the TD-W8961ND doesn??

black-heart, Jun 29, 8:44am
Google tells me it reviews quite badly, citing poor wireless, difficult set up. The rest of the world moved onward and upward.

drsr, Jun 29, 9:42am
But it's one higher. :-), Jun 29, 11:44am

doudle101, Jun 30, 12:32am

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