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cantab1971, Jun 21, 10:38pm
I've got the PC building bug now. Having put a little HTPC together I'm planning a bigger project. My next gaming PC.

I like AMD (and don't want to start a big Intel vs AMD argument :)and I wondered if anyone had done a recent build and wanted to share what they built. - their choice of cases, motherboards and video cards etc.

Thats a fairly wide brief for replies but I'm in the early days so any opinions appreciated. I'll probably build it around the highest spec bulldozer chip, just because! :)

(gave up the red wine this year, so the missus will let me spend my pocket money on this)

cube_guy, Jun 21, 11:38pm
I know you say no AMD vs Intel lol, but why would anyone build a gaming PC with the highest spec Bulldozer chip, when you could buy a i5 2500K for the same price! That's just dumb.

velenski, Jun 22, 12:15am
AMD is better.:)

suicidemonkey, Jun 22, 12:52am
Every benchmark in the world would disagree.

Say No to AMD kids.

volkier, Jun 22, 1:38am
\shrug - it's the OP's choice whether they want to go with AMD or Intel - regardless of which is better. Unfortunately, on the same note, I don't think you would get a lot of help here, since majority of people who wanted a high-end gaming PC went with Intel - hence it's hard to give suggestions.

cube_guy, Jun 22, 2:31am
Well of course. But I don't understand why you would spend the same money on something not as good.

boybad, Jun 22, 3:10am
I pick AMD over Intell any day, reliability is worth more then price.
I have a few intell machines too.
Running APU Fusion and very impressed, not gaming but 3d drawings and rendering it does wonders. If you are hcgamer you would know that it depends on the game you want to play, some run better on nVidia cards some better on ATi. And i like MSI boards they seem to last, even if i give them hell.

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 22, 3:27am
Reliability is one of the main reasons I avoid AMD. Their laptop processors suck, always run far too hot.

lostdude, Jun 22, 4:12am
If you're planning on a multi-GPU setup, get nvidia. AMD is more prone to micro stuttering.

babcorp, Jun 22, 6:26am
I'm running AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
Nvidia GTX 470
Gigabyte M720-US3
Cool Master 1000w Silent Pro
Corsair 4gb ram
Alienware AW2310 120Hz Monitor
ASUS BW-12B1LT Bluray burner
Nvidia 3D Vision

cantab1971, Jun 22, 6:47am
hi babcorp :) what games do you play on it.

babcorp, Jun 22, 6:59am
Currently getting into Crysis, and F.E.A.R.2 on high settings.
I'd like to up grade to ansli - 3 monitor system. when I win lotto lol.

cube_guy, Jun 22, 7:05am
Yeah see, I remember you saying this in another thread somewhere. I would still like to know why you think AMD is more reliable than Intel!

blue_meanie, Jun 22, 8:23am
all this stupid bickering over AMD vs Intel, when the CPU is the least important part of a gaming PC. Any quad core, AMD or Intel running over 3GHz will suffice, then just get the best graphics card you possibly can afford.

vtecintegra, Jun 22, 10:05am
Except that's not really true.

In a lot of games a dual core Sandybridge or Ivybridge i3 will outperform a much more expensive AMD processor and run cooler/use less power too too

blue_meanie, Jun 22, 11:32am
The benchmarks from that link prove the point perfectly that the CPU has low importance in a gaming PC.
For example lets take the dirt 3 1024x768 low quality benchmark, it shows the i7 2600K running at 173fps & the FX8150 running at 114fps a difference of 59fps, a big difference yes but someone running this game at this low quality - low resolution (who would!) with a normal 60Hz monitor will see NO DIFFERENCE between the i7 & the FX8150 because the monitor can only display 60fps - well below the capabilities of BOTH CPUs.

Now lets take the Metro 2033 1920x1200 DX11 high quality benchmark, this how we like to game isnt it! high resolution with lots of eye candy.
The i7 2600K is running at 53.5fps & the FX8150 is running at 49.5fps, thats a difference of 4fps, which is a SMALL DIFFERENCE and hardly worth spending extra money for.

So the point is, spend the money on the graphics card as opposed to the CPU.

suicidemonkey, Jun 22, 12:12pm
But most people that have gaming PCs are going to be using other CPU intensive applications like Photoshop, video editing software, etc, whatever, so why not buy a decent CPU too! A 3.6GHz Intel i7 is a little over $400, the i5 is closer to $300. It's not a lot of money when most serious gamers spend close to $1k on a video card.

A decent motherboard and CPU is essential IMO. Video cards can be swapped out in 30 seconds.

cantab1971, Jun 22, 7:24pm
maybe we can move the discussion over to motherboards and graphics cards then!(although we might still get stuck in this loop because AMD make graphics cards.sigh :)

ruderger, Jun 22, 8:51pm
When I upgraded my CPU, from duel core to quad core I saw a huge performance increase in Battlefield Bad Company 2, so I'm convinced CPU makes a difference. I don't do any image\video editing, but run a few VMs every now and then. I didn't want to replace the MB so it had to be AMD, I've got a Phenom II X4 945 3GHz, updraded video card to 560Ti last year, it's still running everything on high (mainly Battlefield 3) interesting, AMD gets owned, I've never had an Intel CPU but they are now really dominating the gaming market, all Intel here,3106.html

blue_meanie, Jun 23, 12:27am
Of course you are going to see a difference BFBC2 when you go from a dual core to a quad because that game is optimised for quad core (and more) cpus.
That anandtech reveiw which shows "AMD getting owned" is crap because the benchmarks that show Intel way ahead are done at low resolutions with framerates over 60fps (some in the 100s), no one games at 1024x768 and few people have monitors that go over 60fps. So in the real world you actually experience little to no difference.

volkier, Jun 23, 1:12am
blue_meanie, please don't take offense to this, but everything that you have said thus far in this thread kind of indicates that you actually don't game and/or haven't gamed much on PCs. At all.

vtecintegra, Jun 23, 2:17am
The point is all of those CPUs in the chart are relatively expensive models and if you're going to spend big money you want better performance.

If you just want cheap then you should go for an i3

cantab1971, Jun 23, 3:36am
so.errr. anyone else here want to share their AMD build!

ropes2, Jun 23, 4:08am
you may need to open it up to a larger audience. Few gamers build AMD systems these days unless budget is a big issue. AMD of old is no longer the performance competitor it used to be.

ropes2, Jun 23, 4:13am
i havent seen the link, but i recommend you do some research here. A gamer needs to know the difference.

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