janette10, Jun 27, 6:37am
I'm using HP photo paper to print some photos , but my black and white photos seem to be coming out looking like Sepia, any ideas!

black-heart, Jun 27, 7:03am
grayscale instead of colour printing!

janette10, Jun 27, 7:05am
where do i find that lol ! :)

mm12345, Jun 27, 7:10am
It is very difficult to get neutral B&W photos from a colour printer which does not have multiple shade grey inks, which are mainly confined to the higher end professional pigment ink models.
It's possible to get an acceptable result, but from my experience only when using a colour-managed process using ICC profiles for the specific printer model, paper type, and using exactly the right settings - it a bit complex.There will still likely be some metamerism, but possibly acceptable if you take care.Depends how fussy you are, but if you wish to produce great art quality monochome prints, then starting model of printer are Epson R2400 to 2880 model A3 printers.
HP actually made some printers of this quality, but AFAIK they never marketed them in NZ.
Some photo print services will be able to print using high end large format Epson printers (and possibly other makes), and sending the work out to them might be your best bet if needing to print from digital files.

black-heart, Jun 27, 7:14am
Theres usually an print options button when you go to print, but it depends on your version of windows / model of printer.
It's probably in the same area, or a tab next to the part where you tell the printer you've loaded photo paper, assuming you have set that.

janette10, Jun 27, 7:21am
I can't see anything , I've got a mac and printing of my iPhotos

mm12345, Jun 28, 7:37am
Once upon a time, DPReview forums, and the Printers and Printing forum in particular, offered a wealth of information, and there were plenty of skilled people able to offer help on issue like this.Sadly, like much of the internet, trolls, shills, and fanbois have degraded the resource.
But it may be a place to ask your question, giving full details of the printer model you are using, settings, and paper type.

A better site was http://www.photo-i.co.uk/ .Vincent Oliver who I believe now also freelances for DPReview, would sometimes respond to questions asked in those forums.

I don't know what your expectations for quality are, but as I said in my other post, it is not easy to get studio/art quality B&W from a colour inkjet printer. Most people wanting monochrome prints are wanting this for artistic reasons, not "family snaps", so I presume this is what you're after.

gj, Jun 28, 7:44am
What model printer - may be able to help further.

janette10, Jun 28, 10:27pm
Hi, im at work at the moment so cant be sure- but i think its a B110 ! mulitfunction printer, im using HP ink and HP photo paper :)

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