Speaker connection

761, Jun 28, 5:51am
there is a usb place in my new screen is that supposed to be connected by a cable to the modem

soodanim, Jun 28, 5:54am

Can you try that again.What has a speaker connection got to do with USB and modems!

mlh19658, Jun 28, 7:48am
And off he glides without explanation or a please or TIA.

gyrogearloose, Jun 28, 8:21am
The usb place in the screen is usually connected to the main computer box with and extension cable, and if this cable is fitted then you can regard the usb place on the screen as being functionally equivalent to any of the the usb places on the front or back of the main computer box.

If you normally connect your modem to a usb place on your main computer box (and this is certainly how modems were connected prior to ethernet cables gaining favour) then YES, you could instead connect your usb modem to the usb place on your screen and it would work. I'd only do this if the number of usb ports was constrained or it made the cabling uber tidy.

Otherwise, the usb place on the screen is intended to make it easier for you to plug in a usb memory stick - but it relies on the extension usb cable from the screen to the main computer box being fitted.

761, Jun 28, 8:38pm
thank you gyrogearloose that is exactly the answer i required

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