TCP/IP printer problem

kieran211, Jun 27, 11:19pm
have a hp 3300 series photosmart printer hooked into router via ethernet, setup on a static ip address just outside the defined range of DHCP assigned addresses (, the printer is set at Settings on printer screen itself confirms it is on this address, pinging it works from every computer connected wirelessly on network works fine too.

The printer is installed perfectly on two Win7 machines via TCP/IP port set at, and can be set up to work on my XP Pro machine too.

The trouble is that on the XP Pro machine, when it is restarted, the printer shows as 'offline' and just stacks up print jobs in 'Use Printer Offline' mode. When the printer is deleted and re-installed in exactly the same way, it works on the XP machine.until restarted again, and its offline forever.

Ugh so confusing!

Tried this too, without getting anywhere: Printscreen may explain a little:

lostdude, Jun 27, 11:41pm
What happens if disable wireless on your XP machine & connect it to the network with an ethernet cable!

kieran211, Jun 27, 11:52pm
Nope, but I've just nearly fixed it. apparently there is an option in the right click context menu of the offline printer icon to 'Use Printer Online'. Sounds kinda simple.

Except that clicking the option spits up an error from a limited user account, only the admin account can make it 'online' just to make things frustrating.

shaneo2, Jun 28, 12:38am
You need to add the limited user to the printer permissions.Log in as admin.Add the limited user to printer permissions/security or set to everyone.

gibler, Jun 28, 6:52am

Or make sure you install the full HP Solution software for the printer.

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