Another XP Restore Problem

hulda, Jun 24, 6:30am
Another XP Restore Problem Want to restore my Compaq Presario 2100 and I have the Quick Restore discs. The intstructions are to insert the CD in the drive and restart the computer. But it just boots up as normal. When I first tried to access the disc through my computer and I opened it it asked me to name the program to open it and in frustration I used Notepad. Now it uses that every time I try and it just says it is too small. Have tried accessing the disc through run but still with no success. What am I doing wrong. I thought it was going to be simple as I had the discs.

deodar, Jun 24, 6:42am
It is.Press F8 on boot-up Enter Bios & change start menu to
Boot from CD First.Save changes & exit.

hulda, Jun 24, 6:59am
Under way with restore Thanks so much deodar

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