How do I enable tv on demand to be watched on iPad

kandi_gurl, Jun 26, 5:46am
I downloaded puffin an dolphin as told that should make it work but it doesnt this is the new iPad only got it today

dvince, Jun 26, 6:36am
I think its due to a lack of an Adobe Flash Player/plugin on idevices.

Cant help you as I don't buy Apple

lostdude, Jun 26, 6:39am
You can't get TVNZ to work on the ipad if you browse to their site via Safari (or any web browser for that matter). Get the TVNZ app from the app store:!mt=8

sarah1955, Jun 26, 9:46am
I can watch TVNZ on demand on puffin on my Ipad2 .works well.

kandi_gurl, Jun 26, 10:00pm
sarah1955 do you go straight to tv ondemand or puffin first, this ipad all new to me

wheelmann, Aug 7, 10:23am
Considering that Adobe is dropping flash support for mobile devices, they will be out with an tvnz on demand app soon. I think Puffin flash only works for content that is available in the US.

guest, Sep 2, 10:42am
Yep, tvondemand does work through the puffin app on ipad!. The free version only lasts 2 weeks, but full version is only 4.00 or so.
You access tvnz tvondemand through the app. Works great

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