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mmmail, Jun 25, 8:26am
WITHIN the rules of TM - can anyone please suggest any affordable provider options they are aware of from their own experience, for the provision of quality SEO services to small business websites!Site has a focus on construction/development related issues.I just find trying to "develop an online business" AND "do SEO" are two very different things, with the later taking up a lot of time for a person like me, of limited SEO skill and I sense, it could become a bit stressful.Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

_sms_, Jun 25, 8:36am
We do our own and very successfully.It is not rocket science although those who do it as a service would like you to think so.

Google analytics and webmaster tools on your website is a good place to start.

Free submission to all major search engines.

Free directory listings to obtain "back links".

Any other back links/reciprocal links you can get with suppliers, industry bodies etc.

This stuff would be a great start.

Google also put out quite a good document about SEO.From memory it's available in Webmaster Tools.

If you're up to it, Social Media Marketing with website integration is the way to go these days.This is what we specialise in.

Good luck.

mmmail, Jun 25, 8:53am
Thanks for your reply - yes, I do appreciate what you say.

1) I'm stupid - well, partly ;) I'm very new to SEO, so the time I spend taking in effect "small steps" might be better spent elsewhere.I also get very confused with the amount of "info" on SEO - I'd love to find concise, accurate information to explain it in very basic terms - open to suggestions pls!

2) I HAVE started a number of forms of marketing and MANUAL backlinks building.

Maybe for the first year or so, whilst my own knowledge grows, I could get a boost from a reputable professional - and I'd stress less.

Thanks again for your reply.

otako, Jun 25, 10:00am

_sms_, Jun 25, 10:13am
That's the one I mentioned :)

dunedin_ree, Jun 25, 10:58am
How many times have you asked this now!

mmmail, Jun 26, 7:04am

mmmail, Jun 26, 7:06am
Thank you, for your constructive input!Appreciated.Great to be able to use a "computing" forum for "computing" related questions.Thanks again.

_sms_, Jun 26, 9:01pm
Have a look at this.

rascal27, Oct 15, 9:12am
hi,many of them providing SEO services through online..i found providing SEO services for small business website you try there if you interested.

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