Acer A500/A501 upgrade to Android 4.0

Any of you guys out there with the above tablets had upgrade notifications this week!Apparently Ice Cream Sandwich was being made available in NZ from Monday 9th July.Haven't seen anything yet.Just wondering if they are actually being upgraded.

geek_cowboy110, Jul 15, 5:12 pm

Upgraded mine several weeks ago. Very smooth no problems.

geek_nzmu, Jul 15, 5:24 pm

Cool thanks.I might call the help desk tomorrow and give them the hurry up.

geek_cowboy110, Jul 15, 5:34 pm

BTW did you get a notification on your tablet to upgrade or did you somehow do it manually!

geek_cowboy110, Jul 15, 5:37 pm

Settings>about tablet>system update.

Make sure it's fully charged.

geek_nzmu, Jul 15, 5:56 pm

Thanks.Done all that.Just comes up "No Update" "Your system is up to date".

geek_cowboy110, Jul 15, 6:06 pm

what version is it showing!

geek_nzmu, Jul 15, 6:19 pm

My A500 got the update fine.

I don't think there is a version for the A501 though so if you have that model you're out if luck.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 15, 6:23 pm


geek_cowboy110, Jul 15, 7:06 pm

The A501 is just an A500 with 3G so can't see why not.

geek_cowboy110, Jul 15, 7:07 pm

The drivers for the 3g modem seem to be the issue. A501 hasnt seen the update yet, if it will at all.

geek_ropes2, Jul 15, 7:14 pm

That doesn't sound promising.I'll check with the Acer helpdesk 2moro.I guess if all else fails I might have to find someone who can install the "unofficial" version.

geek_cowboy110, Jul 15, 8:07 pm

geek_mikep, Jul 16, 12:15 am

Let me know how you go, I also have the A501 and want the ICS update too.

geek_ropes2, Jul 16, 12:33 am

geek_cameragod, Jul 16, 7:15 am

Yep, thanks, done all that.

geek_cowboy110, Jul 16, 7:26 am

the a501 has not had the update, last i heard was aug, the a500 got theirs back in may i think

geek_mrtoken, Jul 16, 1:27 pm

Called the Acer helpdesk today. Spoke to an Acer "tech" in Australia. Apparently Oz A501 users had the upgrade available last week.Put me on hold to find out about NZ.Turns out A501 users herehaven't been offered the upgrade and can't tell me when it might be.Was told to keep an eye on the Acer website and that will advise when it becomes available.Wasted 15 minutes of my lunch hour listening to recorded music while on hold.

geek_cowboy110, Jul 16, 7:46 pm

Thanks for the update Cowboy - at least we know it's coming for the A501! I had read elsewhere that it wasnt going to be available. So some good news at least.

geek_ropes2, Jul 16, 8:19 pm

hii have the A500mine downloaded automatically 4.0.3

geek_tvm, Jul 26, 12:34 pm

Got the upgrade to 4.0 on my A501 today ropes2 so if you haven't yet it shouldn't be too far away.

geek_cowboy110, Aug 18, 6:12 pm

thanks mate, got it a few days back too.

geek_ropes2, Aug 18, 6:21 pm

i have the update on my 501, and its not bad except it hates facebook. it doesnt recognise command well when i touch to open and i always have to request a desktop page via a wee icon in the top right corner. drives me nuts every day, cant wait till the next update oh and ya cannot undo an update unless you reset the whole device, and lose everything on it! grrr

geek_ms_rockchick, Aug 19, 2:59 pm

perhaps delete and re-download the fb app! i have no issues since the update with mine (except Lumiread doesnt support night mode in ICS)

geek_ropes2, Aug 19, 3:45 pm