Adobe Flash Player 11.3

cjdnzl, Jun 25, 9:29am
I run Opera ver 12 - the latest - and when I try to view a video file, e.g. the train ploughing snow on the Herald site I get a message telling me to install Flash Player 11.3.
So I install the player, reboot the computer (XPSP3) but when I try the video again, I get the same message to install Flash Player again.
This has gone round in circles about 5 times and I just can't get the damned player to work.
Anyone with a clue or two please!

lostdude, Jun 25, 9:38am

r.g.nixon, Jun 25, 9:42am
Works OK for me. Opera 12, Windows 8 CP. No messages about Flash.
Using: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\F-

cjdnzl, Jun 25, 9:57am
Yes! that was it, an earlier version of Flash Player still enabled.I have learned something tonight, thank you!20 years in computers, Opera since version 6, and there's still things to learn.

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