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alinz, Jun 20, 9:08pm
Hi - an odd question but maybe you can help - i need to find the driver for the scan-to-computer function of my HP 2410 photosmart - all-in-one - compatible with Window 7 .

It was some time - year or two before the printer driver was available and now that I have that up and running - I'd like to be able to use the scan to printer thing too.

Obviously, i've been on the HP download site but as yet haven't found one.

Anyone got one!
How! Where!
Any suggestions!

Thanks in advance

allas, Jun 20, 9:14pm

king1, Jun 20, 9:14pm
It might not be shown separately on the hp download site - just re-install the full package.the software should sort out whats needed and what isn't

king1, Jun 20, 9:40pm
looks like allas is on the case - this situation looks like an older device that has only limited support in windows 7

this link here seems to describe all the available functionality!docname=c01796879&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&os=4062&product=303753&sw_lang=#N486

alinz, Jun 20, 11:17pm
Ah great.
When I did this last time - it did everything but the scan to print thing.\
Maybe it's been more recent than my last attempt - 2 weeks ago.\
I'll try again.


alinz, Jun 20, 11:20pm
the website takes you so far - but not far enough to download the drivers.

Frustrating. Shame on HP

alinz, Jun 20, 11:36pm
ah - gaining on it - I think

I have downlloaded the driver updatewizard
ran that and did a test scan

it scanned but didn't save to the computer

so am I talking now about software rther than drivers!

alinz, Jun 21, 12:05am
so am I talking now about software rther than drivers!

black-heart, Jun 21, 1:05am
go to Devices & Printers right click the printer, does it have any scan options !

alinz, Jun 21, 1:06am
Thanks black heart - no it doesn't

chnman, Jun 21, 1:50am!os=4062&lc=en&cc=nz&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=4021189

Under step two - there are 2 files, one for just driver and the other for full software including driver. Also there are a few updates under the other link.

Your post mentions 2410, but this one I found says F2410. Not sure if there is a difference or not.

king1, Jun 21, 4:41am
What tells you the driver is not installed! Or is it that you just can't find the software/function to actually scan anything!

Have you tried this off the link I gave you!
Method one: Scan with Windows Fax and Scan
Click the Windows ( ) icon.
Click All Programs .
Click Windows Fax and Scan .
Click New Scan , and then click Scan .

EDIT: What messages/errors do you get!

king1, Jun 21, 4:42am
[this is] deskjet, not photosmart

alinz, Jun 21, 10:33pm
Hi - me again -

stlll having problems
seems to be the wrong one

I have deleted it and back to square one.

any advance on yesterday!

i got all excited for a few minutes
It's hp psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one

alinz, Jun 24, 9:53pm
No - it seems it just isn't available!

Shame on HP!
This is the message I got from their website again.

Step two: Select a download
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Driver - Product Installation Software (1)

Install the Driver Using Windows Update with a USB Connection (Downloadable Driver Not Available) ?

black-heart, Jun 24, 10:54pm
lol I just realised how old this printer is. Shame on nobody, its too old to bother writing drivers for.

alinz, Jun 25, 4:06am

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