Ipad2 3g credit card top up

jim217, Jun 20, 9:09am
how do i do this! where do I go to do this

nzdoug, Jun 20, 9:11am
Telecom or online

jim217, Jun 20, 9:25am
so if i am going to do it online what www do I go into

nzdoug, Jun 20, 9:34am
Usually hou get an" out of whatever its called" message.
Try phoning your provider, some one can tell how to.

jim217, Jun 20, 9:44am
sounds like it might be easier to go into telecom tomorrow. thanks for your help. it has helped alot

l43a2, Jun 20, 10:38am
m.telecom.co.nz/yourtelecom go there on your ipad2 and top up.

jim217, Jun 22, 11:36pm
thanks for the help. We have ended up getting it put onto our home account

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