Recommend me a new printer please

janine18, Jun 20, 11:44pm
hi, i am a complete computer novice and my 'old' printer (canon pixma) has finally given up. i cant complain its probably about 10 years can you recommend me a new one.i use an apple computer and dont print very often but i like clean crisp colours when i after a relatively cheap printer with ink thats not to expensive to replace.

black-heart, Jun 20, 11:46pm
new canon

tigra, Jun 20, 11:49pm
We like Brother. our old HL2040 has been wonderfully reliable. Looking at a new one soon and will probably go Brother again

hakatere1, Jun 21, 1:10am
Latest canon pixma is my suggestion. Well, if your last one lasted 10 years, that's the go. Who buys original carts now! No-one I know. I get inkvenus . co for mine. Awesome too and cheap. But opinions on where to get carts are like butts.everybody has their own.

chnman, Jun 21, 1:33am
I've always used Canon. Good support on their website, drivers and software updates easy to find. My current one is Pixma iP4500, it is excellent for printing onto CD/DVDs as well. That model no longer sold, though they should have similar on website to look at.

hakatere1, Jun 21, 2:14am
Same model I have chnman. Good printer and tough as teak. At least three years old now.

mankey, Jun 21, 2:21am
Stick to brand ink if you like your warranty.

janine18, Jun 21, 2:26am
i used dick smith generic ones for a few years they worked really well and were pretty cheap but it seems the printer has lasted really well. so time for a new one.

ceebee2, Jun 21, 11:01pm
+1 Of all the printers I have sold Canon outshines them all. I think you have proved that already. Stick to the Multi tank ones as they are more economical than the "tri-colour" ones. The more tanks the better the quality and yes the higher the price. I recommend min of 4 tanks.

janine18, Jun 22, 1:09am
thanks all, liking the canon mp280 for $60 :)

cowboy110, Jun 22, 1:16am

janine18, Jun 22, 7:13am
thanks cowboy - even cheaper - i have a canon pixma ip3000 (the one that just broke) i wonder if the usb cable will fit, seeing as none of the cheapies seem to come with usb cable (wonders why!) so maybe the canon is the best option, definately be going to ws instead of elsewhere! thanks.

drcspy, Jun 22, 7:26am
printer usb type cables are pretty much all the same

newbie5, Jun 22, 7:28am
Most now buy a new printer when the old one runs out of ink as it is usually cheaper than buying ink.
Thats why there are thousands of cheap printers on TM but none ever have any ink in them

janine18, Jun 22, 7:43am
epson is smaller (good) and ink is cheaper (good)so might go with that providing my canon cable fits it! weird pricing, i suppose the cable is more expensive than the printer!

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