Help with microsoft outlook please.

r.drummond, Jun 21, 9:59pm
I've been running this for about 6 months, no problems. Today, emails wont recieve. It keeps asking for a password. Doesn't matter how often I put in my password, and check the "save my password" box, it continues to ask every 2 minutes and even when I put it in, the emails wont come through.

Help please. Thank you.

I've done a re-start. thats about my "fixing" limit. :-)

r.drummond, Jun 21, 10:00pm
BTW. I NEVER bother with a password and have not used the password since I've been running this program

r.drummond, Jun 21, 10:02pm
OK, thanks for that, appreciate it.

chnman, Jun 21, 10:05pm!f=network-status

Telecom mention on above re sending email, though the message may need updating, as it might also be affecting receiving.

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