Tablet Help please . wanting to purchase

sturmeez, Jun 19, 9:27pm
one for my 9 year old daughter.I don't know alot about tablets at all!I don't want to spend any more than $400, but don't want something that's going to be rendered useless after 6 months.There is a Vigo 9.7" for $399 at Warehouse Stationery, however I can't find any reviews or information regarding this brand.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

black-heart, Jun 19, 9:48pm
in 6 months MS will release their tablet if nothing else, I'd expect a little price war. If you can't wait, I'd get a samsung galaxy tablet (trademe prices are around $400) dunno what the new price is.

rlr29, Jun 19, 9:49pm
Specs look ok.Go have a it first, recommend looking at a second hand Ipad for similar price.But the vigo looks.ok.

rlr29, Jun 19, 9:49pm
what he said.

charles.j, Jun 19, 9:50pm
I've got a galaxy tab, it's great.

However, wait for Microsoft to put their things out

sturmeez, Jun 19, 9:58pm
Thanks, her birthday's in 3 weeks, so would rather not wait 6 months. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could find a refurbished Ipad!

charles.j, Jun 19, 10:01pm
Pbtech have the iPad2 for 570, if you could stretch a little more!

Have you looked around here on trademe!

sturmeez, Jun 19, 10:13pm
Thoughts on this one!, can't stretch more sdly, hubby having major dental work!

stefanie1, Jun 20, 2:39am
Hey the Warehouse have the Samsung 10 inch 3g one for $599.think online only Samsung is bringing a newer version in so the retailers have been told to get rid of the old ones

max10, Jun 20, 2:49am
we have an acer 10.1 inch tablet, wifi ,andrid find it great $399 I paid for it at xmas, We desided not to spend the extra for the 3G one as all our phones are internet so if we want the bigger screen we can just teather our phones to it, Love my tablet as its also my Ebook aswell , battery life is great , was not great for things like trade me but now more apps have come out so I can use it for trade me now to

nuj, Nov 25, 1:27am
hello there,
I've just bought this Vigo 9.7 tablet yesterday for $299.00 nzd at the Warehouse Stationary. Actually at first I was charged 399.00 but was able to get a refund of 100.00 since they made a mistake about the price.
Well anyway, I only had the tablet for a day and it started acting up on me. For instance, application keeps popping up even you don't used them. You don't even have to touch the screen. Also the YouTube application hangs up and automatically opens for some unknown reason. You can't update the YouTube application and uninstalled it. I tried doing factory reset but still the same problem.
As for the rest it's okay and fast. Battery life is almost 4 hrs give and take a few minutes depending on the work load. Charging is very long almost longer than the battery life itself.
Now here's what I really don't like, instead of giving me a new tablet, they told me that they'll have it repaired or be sending the unit to Wellington. It will take days, weeks or months, for short they are not sure. As for me, I'm screwed. What the Hell???!!!!, they gave a new meaning to the term warranty. I just don't get it. Why not just give me a new unit since they already checked it as a software problem.
I think Warehouse Stationary should have a look into this because they might start loosing customers if this is how they do business.

guest, Jan 5, 4:23am
I got a 9.7 inch vigo 2nd generation and no luck with it at all. Its been exchanged already and still the internet connection is playing up. Def don't get one of these

guest_pomm, Jan 7, 7:20am
Microphone faults?

guest, May 9, 7:34am
Absolute rubbish. In total I tried 3 - original plus 2 replacements. The Warehouse gave great support and I was willing to accept and try the replacements but in the end it was an unacceptable, useless product

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