Laptop advice please

I am wanting to buy a laptop( never had one before)- mainly for games ,playing dvds, internet etc. Which brand would you recommend! Looking to pay around $1000-

geek_candyfloss, Jun 19, 1:31 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 19, 2:18 pm

ASUS then Toshiba. Do not buy HP or at your peril.

geek_ceebee2, Jun 20, 8:23 am

Actually what would be the best laptop to buy specifically to run with Linux/I will have to get a new one at some point in the near future and just wondering

geek_sonns79, Jun 20, 8:42 am

Avoid ones with nvidia video chipsets. Linus was publicly swearing at Nvidia in recent days due to their poor driver support.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 20, 8:59 am


geek_black-heart, Jun 20, 9:11 am

Thanks r.g.nixon. If you had to buy a new laptop and wanted to run it solely on Linux maybe Mint or Ubuntu what would you buy, and what are the things to look out for/I would never get another compaq they are rubbish.I cant update the graphics card for this either it just crashes.I would like to get one thats got a good card, good amount of ram and memory but not overly expensive.

geek_sonns79, Jun 20, 9:14 am

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geek_guest, Aug 4, 7:42 pm

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geek_guest, Aug 7, 2:13 pm