Ipad2 and 3g

hoping someone can help please. bought hubby an ipad last week. he is in si i in ni. before i sent it down to him i used it and set up things like fb etc on it. i used our wireless network on it. he now has in down south but unsure on how to get the 3g running. should it just start up or does he have to do some thing to change it from what I had it on

geek_jim217, Jun 18, 6:13 pm

does it have a sim card in it!
If not get him to take it intoa telecom/vodafone/2degrees store, they'll do it for him

geek_king1, Jun 18, 6:19 pm

yes i got telecom here to load the sim card into it

geek_jim217, Jun 18, 6:21 pm

3g might be turned off, he will have to have a look in the settings /wireless for turning data on.
Otherwise maybe the data block has been used up.
Either way probably easiest to get him to take it into a telecom store, they'll sort it for him.

geek_king1, Jun 18, 6:45 pm