Losing internet access on laptop

Hi - I have a Samsung r540 laptop, running windows 7. Half a dozen times a day I loose Internet access - the little yellow triangle appears in the icons at the bottom of the screen.
The only way to get it back is to restart the laptop.
I wondered if anyone would be able to help me fix this fault please!
Thank you

geek_red38, Jun 17, 11:44 am

First thing to try would be to unplug the router, wait 10 seconds and plug it in again. Wait for it to start up and let your laptop automatically connect to it again. See if that does anything and report back here :)

geek_law.house, Jun 17, 11:46 am

I dont have a router - connected straight to the cable modem.

geek_red38, Jun 17, 11:47 am

SNAP. I have the same problem with my SAMSUNG N150 !You state that you have to "restart" the pc to get it going again. do you mean by this you have to complete turn the pc off / complete shut down or just use the "RESTART" !For me it is a complete shut down. I suspect my problem is a hardware problem, in that if it looses contact and I run the hardware diagnosis feature it indicates a failure with the network card, in that it can not ping various addresses.

geek_andrew1954, Jun 17, 2:45 pm

Upgrade your NIC drivers

geek_lostdude, Jun 17, 2:51 pm

A restart works for me - troubleshooting finds no problems.
Really infuriating !

geek_red38, Jun 17, 3:23 pm

check the properties of the network card in device manager - make sure that the power options do NOT say 'allow the computer to turn this device off to save power" .UNtick that item if it is ticked.then clik apply/ok etc.

geek_drcspy, Jun 17, 3:53 pm

This happens to me all the time I reckon its the server etc Telestra Clear

geek_boxcarfred, Jun 17, 3:59 pm

do you have any other computers or divices connected ! another posible corse could be a ip address conflict

geek_fingerscrossed2, Jun 17, 5:23 pm

Look at the detail, a DOCSIS cable modem is mentioned as only device implying a single PUBLIC IP address on the computer. There is no ability to have multiple computers attached without a routing device.

geek_spyware, Jun 17, 5:27 pm

I cannot see the network card - is under system devices!

geek_red38, Jun 17, 6:03 pm

op what cable modem are you using model # please

geek_fingerscrossed2, Jun 17, 6:10 pm

sb51001 motorola from TelstraClear

geek_red38, Jun 17, 6:13 pm

I am with Telstra and for the past month I cannot connect to them, I am on dial up- is takes half an hour to 2 hours the most to keep dialling to get connected at 53.2k.Never had this problem before and been with them a long time.

geek_gabbysnana, Jun 17, 6:42 pm