Internet Banking question

sallymag, Jun 16, 3:40am
If I was to deposit some money via internet banking now, how long would it take to go through! ASB to Kiwibank. TIA (:

drcspy, Jun 16, 3:42am
the recipient would get it tuesday morning

drcspy, Jun 16, 3:42am
you've done 748 trades and you have to ask this !

sallymag, Jun 16, 3:47am
New to Internet Banking :) I always go into the bank to do deposits.

rahto, Jun 16, 3:50am
Check with your bank, some will go straight through if the two banks are the same but generally they do the transfers every week night at certain time.

combocaz, Jun 16, 3:51am
1 business day. I have an account with kiwibank and ASB and it usually takes 1 business day.

paulmc, Jun 16, 5:00am
It seems to vary.I transferred money from my BNZ a/c to a Westpac a/c yesterday at 9pm.It was in the other person's a/c today.

outbidyou2, Jun 16, 5:06am
I have noticed and saw something briefly on the news that the banks are doing 2 or 3 "runs" a day now of transfers. I've had money show up same day from different bank via interent banking.

Typically though, yes overnight weekdays

jcmp21, Jun 16, 5:07am
Say the transfer is done at 3PM, does that mean the money would be in the next day, say at 8AM! If it was done on a Friday, would that mean it goes in on the Monday!

r.g.nixon, Jun 16, 5:10am
On Friday means visible in another bank by early Saturday morning, if not later on Friday.

linzis, Jun 16, 5:17am
If you process it today, ASB will transfer the payment to Kiwibank at 9.15am Monday morning!utm_source=Home&utm_medium=Carousel&utm_campaign=Interchange

Kiiwbank also have hourly processing during a business day so it could be in the Kiwibank a/c as early as 10am.

Payments from other banks
Payments coming into your account from other banks will be processed between 9am and midnight on business days. This means you might receive payments throughout the day, instead of only overnight.

ASB & Kiiwbank since end of March /beg of April are the only 2 banks that do hrly processing.
The other banks also pay & process payments during the day but not as frequently.

_sms_, Jun 16, 5:18am
Clearly they do or they wouldn't have asked.DUH!

linzis, Jun 16, 5:22am
Kiwibank & ASB are the only 2 banks that publish this new info on their sites. what do the other banks have to hide!

gj, Jun 16, 5:45am
Nothing to hide - just don't want to promise if they cant always deliver.

Not sure if its always the same, but I notice ASB seems to have a cut-off after 10:30pm (yes I'm often online then) so the transaction is scheduled for next day,
ASB to ASB usually goes through within the hour or even sooner.

ttaotua1, Jun 16, 6:29am
Now now drcspy! some of us still like the old fashion way.

juliew3, Jun 16, 9:21am
Depends on the bank. For instance it is the National back, it will be tuesday morning before the money will appear in your account.

richard112, Jun 16, 9:35am
W pac seem to run after 10pm Monday thru Friday. So deposit Fri will show up about 2am Sat. Deposit after 10pm Fri will not show up till 2pm Tuesday (approx)
Sorry that's 2am Tuesday

guest58, May 11, 5:08am
How long does it take if someone from kiwibank puts money into my asb account for it to get there?

guest, Sep 22, 1:10am
last time i got some money transfered from my cousins asb to my kiwibank it only took maybe 2 hours to go in

guest_jayden, Dec 4, 1:35am
how long take from bnz to kiwi bank

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