Registry needs a clean up

arden22, Jul 17, 2:00am
With my genealogy I've in the past been able to swap between various software family history programmes (Legacy/Family Tree Maker etc) using GEDCOM. Suddenly I can no longer do this and in googling for help I read "the registry needs cleaning". Will ccleaner do this and is it completely free!

drcspy, Jul 17, 3:04am
yes and yes but whether it'll do what you want I cant answer

king1, Jul 17, 3:07am
Yes, and Yes if you get the free version, just watch for any extras it might try to install.

Whether this will help your problem is a big question mark.Some folks swear by registry cleaners, I personally find they do more harm than good.Read more here to get the background info

In your case I'm doubtful, it sounds like either the functionality you require is missing from the software, or there is a bug or corruption in the package(s) your using.

If you do the cleaner, make sure you do the backup.

arden22, Jul 17, 4:48am
Thank you both for that. I'll need to give this some serious thought before I take any action.

chnman, Jul 17, 7:24am
Show where you read "the registry needs cleaning".maybe it was just one of those ads which are very common. I myself don't use registry cleaners, if I had a problem with something, I would rather find out what registry data to delete/edit, rather than a program that tells me I have hundreds of problems, and "click here to fix now".

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