Samsung or Acer for laptop?

Have a very old Acer, time to renew. These seem to be the only brands in my price range (under $700). Which is the better of the 2! Thanks in advance

geek_bandrach, Jul 17, 8:25 pm

samsung > acer

geek_gibler, Jul 17, 8:25 pm


geek_lugee, Jul 17, 11:01 pm


geek_hakatere1, Jul 18, 7:51 am

I have a Samsung which I am very happy with. :)

geek_nanof5, Jul 18, 8:29 am

Don't buy an Acer . trouble !

geek_missrat, Jul 18, 9:28 am

Acer has lowest score in reliability. I'd go for Samsung or Asus

geek_doctor_evil99, Jul 18, 10:16 am

My ASUS is still performing like a dream after two years.

geek_mariner51, Jul 18, 5:02 pm


geek_grantliv, Jul 19, 12:28 pm

Acer. haha jokes.

geek_lostdude, Jul 19, 12:41 pm

I have an Acer gaming laptop and no problems here (Acer 5755G) has a nVidia GT540M with 2gb ram. Comes with 750gb hd.

geek_cuteguynz, Jul 19, 8:14 pm