Epsom printer question

sandypheet, Aug 7, 7:55am
All of a sudden my printer displays the message that the cartridges are not recognised.I have been using it and it has been ok although I dont do a lot of printing.I replaced all the cartridges with refills from cartridge world about 4 months ago.There is still plenty of ink in all the units.any help appreciated.

thewomble1, Aug 7, 8:12am
take the cartridges out and carefully clean/wipe the contacts and replace.
When you replaced the cartridges did it work OK.! I have found Cartridge World do not completely refill the cartridge so it may be they are empty.

sandypheet, Aug 7, 8:14am
Yep it has been working fine,plenty of ink in each cartridge.

thewomble1, Aug 7, 8:21am
Makes me think contacts are dirty, have moisture or!so clean. Check the the chip on the cartridge has moved slightly sideways.

thewomble1, Aug 7, 8:22am
How do you know! Each time cartridge is removed and replaced it shows as full.

r.g.nixon, Aug 7, 8:27am
You need to use inkjet printers at least once per month or the ink dries up somewhat.

sandypheet, Aug 7, 8:37am
Just seems bizzare as it was working fine,no warning that ink is getting low as it usually does,just the message it dosnt recognise the cartridge.Cleaning hasnt helped.

thewomble1, Aug 7, 8:48am
Have you tried the obvious.Unplug the power chord and the USB cable and re=connect again and turn printer on. Are the cartridges Epson one or some brand of refillable. Not a mixture .I have found all Epson or all refillable brand.

guyh, Aug 8, 3:59am
How old is your printer! Once upon a time I used to swear Epson printers were the best, until I had the same problem. Found they had a counter that only let you replace cartridge a certain number of times, then locked up. Can be overcome, but more trouble than it was worth. Their way of making you purchase a new printer every few years!

sandypheet, Aug 8, 5:24am
Its about 4 years old maybe a bit more and for the price of them I think I will just replace it.Thanks for all the help.

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