Advice on buying a computer

Have saved almost enough to replace our old laptop. What is the best way to go when looking at replacement. I prefer a desktop and when i went to JB's they said all towers are now held in the screen bit. shows you how much i know! What are better desk tops to get! ASUS! HP! any suggestions:!

geek_andrea49, Aug 7, 4:26 pm

Sounds like they were trying to flog you an 'all in one'. Looking for a desktop also, hard to compare what your getting speed and reliability now with everything having new names etc.
Looked at building my own but you seem to get better deal with something prebuilt

geek_raymond00001, Aug 7, 5:11 pm


geek_lugee, Aug 7, 5:55 pm

You can get setups like this for a decent price but not as good as putting one together yourself!main_page=product_info&cPath=59_65&products_id=1784&zenid=ad8689c83f41a03cace9829e9c310039

If you don't want to play games you wouldn't have to spend that much though

geek_hayster94, Aug 7, 6:01 pm

they're full of shit.

geek_drcspy, Aug 7, 6:04 pm

Steer clear of all-in-ones. They seem to be trendy at the moment, with people who know absolutely nothing about computers. They are nothing more than a passing fad and will suffer overheating problems eventually. As others have said, get one built by a specialist. Stay clear of nl, hn, b&b, dse etc.

geek_hakatere1, Aug 8, 6:32 am