Wireless printer

monaro17, Aug 7, 9:51am
How do I set up wireless printing through my netbook when it doesn't have a CD slot!

spyware, Aug 7, 9:56am
Ever heard of the internet. The drivers are on manufacturers website.

monaro17, Aug 7, 9:57am
thanks. i guess

lugee, Aug 7, 9:58am
There should be no need for a CD, have you read the manual!

monaro17, Aug 7, 10:01am
Yes- it says to load in the CD and follow the instructions. I have done so with my desktop and laptop but the netbook poses a problem

lugee, Aug 7, 10:15am
It almost certainly isn't necessary. You should be able to just download the drive for the printer from the internet, or copy the CD to a flashdrive and do it that way.

monaro17, Aug 7, 10:16am
thanks heaps. I will do this

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