Adobe flash issue?

vitaminh, Aug 7, 7:14am
Hey all. My mates got a PC plays DVDs fine with sound etc but youtube vids etc sound will not play due to flashplayer she uninstalled flash player and tried to re-install and it hangs everytime at 12% I have googled and it seems common. I told her to disable the antivirus and try again with no results. She got a geek on wheels out today who could not fix it and told her it needed rebuilding as it was a prob with windows! Why would it need a rebuild for a software issue. Would a full restore do the trick or can you guys suggest anything further!Cheers guys.

vitaminh, Aug 7, 7:17am
I think it was a flash player 11 conflict with explorer!

gibler, Aug 7, 7:19am
have they tried the full installer directly from:

stevel_knievel, Aug 7, 7:23am

traceyracey70, Aug 7, 9:12am
I had trouble a while ago with You Tube and flash player. I had to right click on the video and click settings and make sure "enable hardware acceleration "was unticked.

ch.799, Sep 3, 5:05am
i had trouble oogle chromewith adobe to but ok know it works good through google chromegood luck

combocaz, Sep 3, 5:22am
try using a different browser instead of Internet Explorer. try google chrome or firefox.

katy20, Oct 28, 6:21am
Brilliant thankyou so much I havespent much time googling and this is the correctanswer for me aftermy sound just simply stopped working. I have my sound back thanks to you .I do have the latestversion of flashplayer IE explotrerand have Windows Xp on my laptop.

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