How to create connection to Net for Tablet PC

mariner26, Aug 6, 1:53am
What is the step by step procedure to wirelessly connect a Tablet PC (egsay an Asus Nexus 7) to my own ISP. My ADSL modem (NetComm 4 Port)is wireless capable but has my home desktop connected via cable. Can I "add" a wireless connection via the same device for a Tablet PC! Are there any simple guides/tutorials (for dummies) available. Had a quick "Google" look but found nothing.
And, once connected, can I use a Tablet PC to then browse the web and send and receive email anywhere (in NZ or the world) where there is a WiFi hotspot!
What software is needed to do these basic things. For emails would I have to use webmail to access my emails or could I use my own (eg Outlook Express) software to do that!
Keep it simple please!

mikep, Aug 6, 2:51am
Does you rADSL modem have a little aerial! Thats a good confirmation it can do wifi. Then you need to read the modem manual (instructions for setting up an access point will be in there) and you will need the modem admin id/password (probably admin/admin). You will need a name and a password for the wifi acess.

For the tablet, go into setup -> wifi and turn the wifi on. A list of wifi points nearby will come up, one of which will be the one on you rmodem. Select it and enter the password. And that should be it.

guest, Aug 17, 1:21pm
unable to connect to internet with my Samsung 4 tablet. says DNS server not connecting or misconfigured?

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