bjmh, Aug 5, 11:28pm
can anyone recommenda site to update adobe

cjdnzl, Aug 6, 12:27am
Adobe what!Adobe have numbers of programs, from Flash to Photoshop with a lot in between.

richard112, Aug 6, 1:23am
This is a really wild guess, but try something like

chnman, Aug 6, 1:29am
Assuming you are referring to Adobe Flash Player.

Sometimes using the uninstaller helps before reinstalling.

Download the uninstaller for Flash Player from: Then using Internet Explorer, go to following and install Flash Player:

(I recommend you UNTICK the Google Toolbar option).

If you also have Firefox (another browser), you have to also go to the "" link above using Firefox and do the same. And I recommend you UNTICK the additional item (I think it is McAfee).

hjb, Aug 6, 1:35am
Richard - no wonder you have 3 stars.

newbie5, Aug 6, 1:46am
Whatever the program you want to update from Adobe usually updates automatically but if you dont have it set to update then as above go to and update whatever you want

bjmh, Aug 6, 2:12am
o.k sorry adobe flash player.i'm having trouble with VLC media player,it slows down on some clips and willstop the computer.restart it and so long as i don't open the clip in vlc its good,it happens on some email attachments/video.sorry if this is double dutch but i'm only a thick mechanic.please don't beat me with your verbal lashings !

r.g.nixon, Aug 6, 2:15am
VLC is completely independent of Adobe Flash.
Your VLC may need updating. Or you could switch to a similar program - I now use PotPlayer for most multimedia.

bjmh, Aug 6, 2:26am
thanks for your input.

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